Getting Ahead in the Games: How Important is Staying Connected?

There is one aspect of every Topps app that many people are just starting to catch onto, and it has to do with the team’s presence on many of the social media outlets. For most of the duration of all four of the apps, the role of this presence has grown considerably, to the point where you might miss out if you arent following along.

As of right now, all four apps have their own dedicated twitter account. Bunt is @toppsbunt, Huddle is @toppshuddle, Kick is @toppskick, and Star Wars Card Trader is @toppsdigital (There is a fake Topps star wars account out there, just an FYI). If you are not on twitter, it is worth creating an account just to get access to these four handles. They tweet out news, updates, and a lot of information straight from the news feeds in game, which makes it easier than being near your phone and waiting for push notifications. I have set up tweet alerts for all of them, just so that I dont miss something big.

You can also follow many of the producers, including Bunt’s @toppsmike and @toppshanford, Huddle’s @toppsmarc, Kick’s @courtines and SWCT’s @toppssteve. There are also accounts for @ianhundiak, @neilkleid and @chrisvaccaro, who are just as important individuals in the Topps Digital Universe.

On Facebook and Instagram, all of the apps have their own fan pages as well, which you can find some interesting information as well as users going back and forth. I dont use these lines as much out of personal preference, but they can be very helpful to follow along.

A good portion of all four apps is timing, which includes being online when big releases and pack sales happen, and I have seen quite an advantage getting early information hints posted through these mediums. Some of the pages are more active than others, but its also prime time for certain apps right now.

Similarly, if you are having an issue in game, using Social Media can be a good way to find users that have a similar problem. Although the main accounts will likely only respond to UNIVERSAL issues over PERSONAL issues, it may be helpful to see how other people are approaching the problem. I love being on Twitter, and have found a number of people that have helped me stay on top of the strategy and even provided help in finding cards if needed.

Bottom line, if you are on your phone playing these games, its worth your time to get going with being connected a bit further. At the very least, you can ensure that nothing slips by, and maybe even get an edge or two along the way.

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