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The SWCT 1977 Debacle is Finally Over: Card 45 Arrives!

Yesterday, a weird thing happened. Something that hasnt happened in the history of the apps, from as far as I can tell. A card was added to the sheet that was part of a set that had completed a long … Continue reading

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2015 Bunt Offseason: Surviving the Winter In Style!

Sadly, Baseball is over, and the offseason is upon us. Because Bunt thrives during the season, the app will definitely slow down over the next few weeks, and even more so over the winter. That being said, it does not … Continue reading

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2015 Bunt: Closing Thoughts and Looking to the Future

Now that 2015 is over, I remember when the world series ended last year and I felt like so much had gone on in Bunt. It was like walking around in wet clothes after jumping in a pool, carrying around … Continue reading

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SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Living Life Without Marathons

When the game first started up back in the beginning of 2015, none of us really knew what we were in for. Although the marathon concept had been central to insert collecting in Bunt, Huddle and Kick, we didnt know … Continue reading

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Huddle Gridiron Tip of the Day: Reopening the Boost Discussion

With the release of the purple mega set of 20 boosts this week, we saw that there was a reward for an Aaron Rodgers 2.4x boosted base card. Not only is this a step up from the 2.2x Purple, but … Continue reading

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Huddle Gridiron Tip of the Day: Valuing Rare International Series Inserts

With certain releases in the game, the value can be high because of the cool factor, the player or even the rarity of the card. Sometimes one of the categories can overpower low performances in the other categories, like a … Continue reading

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Topps Huddle and Impact from the Panini NFL Exclusive

If you havent been following along over the last year, things are going to be changing in physical football cards. Panini America, a competitor of Topps, has signed an NFL and NFLPA exclusive deal for the rights to produce physical … Continue reading

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