2015 NFL Draft: Huddle’s Bold Steps Pay Off

I love the draft. Its literally one of my favorite events of the entire year, more so than even some of the games themselves. Being that every team is adding to their pools of talent, it seems like the true beginning of the new year.

All that being said, nothing prepared me for what went down in Huddle last night and this weekend. For the first time in the history of the app, Huddle created cards live as picks were announced, providing the first digital cards of the new rookies within minutes. Never, in any of the four apps, has something of this magnitude been attempted, and it made a night filled with electricity full of more excitement.

The cards have been selling and trading well since release:

Jameis Winston Huddle Draft Series 2 Bronze

Marcus Mariota Huddle Draft Series 1 Blue

Melvin Gordon Huddle Draft Series 2 Bronze

Kevin White Huddle Draft Series 1 Blue

For reference, during the NFL draft last year, Bunt actually had more going on than Huddle did. They released a Russell Wilson signature series card to celebrate the NFL draft, where Huddle didnt really have much going on. This year, I was glued to the app, refreshing like crazy to get the newest card released into packs.

Even better was that each rookie got two different cards instead of just one, which was something that was interesting in its own right. You would think that creating and uploading one design live would be difficult, but two for each of the 32 picks? That’s turning a win into a blowout.

Much of 2014 was marred by the fact that Huddle was forced to use one picture, a team photo headshot, for every card they released. It put a focus on building the game on the actual points chase instead of the collection element, but that wasnt the case last night. Using dynamic action photos from the NFL combine and pro days made the draft cards that much better, as it was clear that even the team was sick of the same old stuff.

The card designs have always been a huge strength in the game, and these cards were no exception. Each series was dramatically different from the other, and both looked clean and fresh. The combine sketch style and the team color gem style both played very nicely, which is always the way it goes with Huddle’s look.

If you havent gotten on Huddle in a long time, this is the time to do so. Get these cards in your collection, chase your favorite team, and try to find your mojo in the game. Huddle has always been my main jam, and seeing the effort put forth by TOPPSMARC and the team last night was worth the wait.

Here is a gallery of some of the better rookies:

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