Five Things I Would Love To See in Star Wars Card Trader

Being that the app is still very new by any stretch of the imagination, it may be a bit early to start lobbing ideas in this fashion. At the same time, when something is in it’s infancy, there is something to be said that this is the best time to be offering feedback on what the users are looking for. Here are some of the ideas I would love to see come to life.

1 – Movie Posters

Star Wars took the one sheet and single-handedly brought it back from obscurity back in the late 70s. The movie posters for each movie are a thing of legend – and for good reason. Where movie posters used to be a display of some of the best artistic talent, some of that luster was lost after the golden age of cinema concluded. The influence of the Star Wars movie posters has been felt as recently as today, even more so with the influx of superhero films that use the style. It would be great to do a six card run that celebrates the iconic stature of these posters. There is a reason people will pay thousands of dollars for the originals, lets bring them to the app.

2 – Weapons

We are already onto a new encouter with Bespin, something that I know a lot of the users love to chase. With Hoth and Geonosis, the sets dove deep into everything the planets had to offer, and I would love to see the same thing done for the different weapons in the movies. I mean, it could go as deep as trying to collect all the pieces of a lightsaber to get the finished product as the award card. How cool would that be?

3 – Anyone But Han Solo

We get it. Vintage Han in the Millenium Falcon is the best card in the game. That being said, he has more cards in the game than anyone else. Considering that Darth Vader is the number one movie villain of all time, and he has yet to be featured as prominently as many of the cartoons is almost a travesty in its own right. That being said, I love Han as a character, and see him as a defining character in the original trilogy. Regardless of my feelings, its time to go a different direction.

4 – Ships

The special effects in Star Wars were groundbreaking, if not only because of how well done they represented a futuristic era of space travel. The ships of the six movies are some of the most amazing accomplishments of that work, and they need to be celebrated. The game seems to focus a lot on the characters and less about the environment itself – something that made Star Wars so much more than just a movie series.

5 – Iconic Topps Sports Designs

One of the best things about the company that produces the app is that they have almost 75 years of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey designs. Some of them would be awesome to see translated into a digital format with the characters we love. Although we have gotten a taste of what they might look like through sketches in the recent Star Wars physical card products, I think there is room for more. They may want to keep the brands separate, but I think that is a huge mistake. Star Wars is all about nostalgia in much of its appeal, and this only furthers that sentiment. I would even go as far as saying this could be its own marathon.

I encourage everyone to reach out to them and continue to provide ideas, as I know they listen to what we have to say. If there is something you are looking for, make sure you let them know. Hopefully they can make some of our ideas real and you can see how your influence makes a difference.

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2 Responses to Five Things I Would Love To See in Star Wars Card Trader

  1. John J. Wall says:

    Wow, ships would be interesting but the Movie Posters idea would amazing! I have to admit that yesterday’s Squid Man did not send me running to the Cantina.

  2. jasonmaher22 says:

    I want a Women of Star Wars set that includes not only female SW characters but BTS women important to SW.

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