Topps Bunt Code Cards Coming to Topps Baseball Series 2?

For a very long time, I have pleaded with the guys who make Topps Baseball to involve Bunt into the flagship product in any way they can. Whether it be code cards for packs or coins, or even special codes on the back of the cards that give access to that player in the game. As many times as I made that suggestion, as many times I was told, “sorry, that’s just not something we are looking to do at this point.”

Well, my friends, with the release of the checklist for Series 2, it looks like my dream has come true. With the release of the checklist for Topps Baseball series 2, included is a special section. There is a checklist of designated “code cards” for Bunt that was included along with the rest of the set.

Here is the player list:


Although we arent quite sure what these cards could represent, its pretty clear that there is some sort of redemption code element to the cards. They could be base, they could be special boosts, or they could be inserts. We just dont know at this point. However, we do know that Bunt is going to be a part of the product. We also know that the only way to get access to this set is through Series 2 packs.

Here is TOPPSMIKE’s confirmation:

For all of you who arent collectors of physical cards, this is a VERY big deal. Not only does it open the door for potential tie ins with the other games in the many Topps Products, but it sure adds a fun chase to Series 2. Now that we see that the physical tie in is possible, will there be other things that you can eventually pull out of packs? I am giddy with anticipation. Can you imagine similar things for Huddle or Kick? Topps also produces physical packs for Star Wars as well! Endless potential here.

Series 2 is being released in stores in less than two weeks on 6/17, I would guess plenty of information is going to be available as soon as release gets closer.

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1 Response to Topps Bunt Code Cards Coming to Topps Baseball Series 2?

  1. Hutch says:

    I like this idea a lot. Certainly makes collecting even more enjoyable.

    I would like to see this crossover to other sports as well. Do you think we will ever see team cards in Huddle? I wouldn’t go after physical football cards just to get more Huddle mug shot cards. Hah.

    Would certainly love to see an NBA app soon.

    Thanks for the great update!

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