Topps Bunt Has a Fever, and the Only Prescription is More Cowbell!

Over the last few years, there has been a number of times where Bunt has brought celebrity content to the app. Most recently, Jim Breuer was given his own card and signature, as well as Paul Rudd back during the World Series last year. As of yesterday, we get the best of that content to date in the Will Ferrell inserts digitized from their counterparts in 2015 Topps Archives baseball.

For those of you who havent seen, Ferrell pulled a relatively impressive feat of playing all nine positions for nine different teams during Spring Training this year. To commemorate the day, Topps had acquired the rights to produce cards of Ferrell in each of the uniforms he played in. I am ridiculously excited that Bunt was able to get the cards as well, as it will make for a very fun chase.

On the physical side, the Ferrell cards are already some of the more popular baseball cards of the year, especially for his extremely rare autograph card. A few of them have already sold for hundreds of dollars, and the Dodgers one sold for 2k! Wow. Just wow.

Although I wish we would get the autograph card as a variant of some sort in Bunt, it doesnt look like that is in the cards for now.

Stuff like this is always fun for me, as it breaks from the norm of the usual inserts that Bunt puts out on a regular basis. Its fun to chase down all the cards, and if it isnt up your alley, no big deal.

At least for me, Ferrell’s movies have always been among my favorites, and though he may be a polarizing comedian, his popularity is undeniable.

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