New Teal Set in Star Wars Card Trader Previews New Round of Base Cards?

This morning, Topps released 5 new teal cards onto the Star Wars Card Trader sheet, and for the first time, we are seeing base cards that dont exist in the normal parallels.

Many of us have speculated that this is the first preview of the next round of base cards, most of which we have been waiting quite a while for. If you have been in the app since day one, pretty easy to guess that your card sheet is looking something like mine. You probably have at least 50 copies of each common, and a new round of base could add a fresh and welcome departure from that.

The five released are:

  • Sarlacc (in all its glory)
  • Ewok
  • Rancor (YES!)
  • Dianoga
  • Fixer Loneozner


To see the Sarlacc pit get its time in the sun along side the Rancor is awesome, and though the Ewok card isnt all that special, it does give us the first base card representing a GROUP of people instead of one representative. Could there be a Stormtrooper card on the way? Imperial Guard?

Im not sure who the others are, but there will be a lot of those cards coming. There are only a finite group of characters until the new movie is released, so I guess we will have to make due with the C and D list of guys from background in the first six episodes and cartoons.

Either way – im very excited to see what is coming.

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2 Responses to New Teal Set in Star Wars Card Trader Previews New Round of Base Cards?

  1. jamburn says:

    Rancor is the award so it hasn’t been released yet.. Princess Leia Rebel Leader is the fifth card.

  2. Aaron says:

    The possibilities of cards or insert sets are still vast, they could do a droids set and don’t mean the cartoon, R2 units or otherwise. Jabba’s palace and the Cantina could offer a wealth of new cards. I love the poster and paintings packs, how about a comic cover set. I’m sure they will continue the 77 series with the reds, oranges, greens and yellows when the blues are done. They could also do sticker inserts. Man the list could go on and on. My problem is keeping up with enough credits to get enough packs to buy. I don’t use my own money to buy credits and Tapjoy isn’t the most reliable

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