Bunt Code Cards In Topps Series 2 – UPDATE

I posted this morning about the limited action that surrounded the codes from Series 2 Baseball. Sometime since the launch of the site yesterday, the limitation on the one code per account was removed. Seems like the feedback provided by users led to a re-evaluation of the limitation and that was removed.

This promotion is a BIG win for everyone involved, especially as the new unlimited format becomes live. It should serve as much as cross over tool for physical over to Bunt as it will Bunt over to physical. This makes me so happy, I cant even put it into words.

I encourage you all to buy some boxes of Series 2 and find some of these awesome code cards. Even though most will be 1000 coins, there are some big prizes to be had. Most ebay auctions are selling them at around a buck a piece, which is a bit more than I would be willing to pay. I would see if you can negotiate a bulk deal, and get a chance at a bunch at a time.

Remember, current exchange rates are about .19 cents per 1000 coins, and shipping alone is more than that. I would make sure you can get a lot of them to offset the shipping cost or at least get the code emailed by the seller.

Happy hunting everyone!

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2 Responses to Bunt Code Cards In Topps Series 2 – UPDATE

  1. I really think Topps did a poor job on this promotion. I heard about this cross over in the fan feeds in the Bunt App and was excited to see what and how this was all about. I am the very user that Topps needed this to target and hook. I was a huge card collector from 1988 until 1992ish. When I was young my father would buy me cards and throw them in a box. Then one day i was mailed a price guide and I was hooked. I loved seeing the price of all the older cards my dad got me as a younger boy. My dad wasn’t the fatherly type that shared experiences with me as a child. But once he saw the boom of the prices of the cards we started to share this passion. It turned out we where friends with the owner of the local hobby shop and would open cases to make hand sets of the cards. ALL card manufacturer and sports. It was the best 3 years of my life. Then the card prices started going up. Companies started to make better cards and short printing inserts was the craze. This turned my dad off. He just wanted base cards. He despised the inserts and short prints. He is a grouchy drunk that grew up in the 50’s. There was no way he would continue collecting. I became a teenager and girls was the only thing I wanted to collect. Another big factor in collecting as a kid was all of my friends would collect cards. Everyone had a favorite player. Focusing and hoarding that player was fun.( Thanks to having Mark McGwire’s Rookie he was my pick) As I got older got married and started having kids of my own I tried many times to start collecting again. First was in 2002 I saw that there was cheaper base cards from Topps. I tried to get my wife into collecting with me. She never watched a sporting event in her life so collecting cards of these men was out of the question. We came close to completing the 2002 set but gave up. Then in 2004 we where expecting our first child. I though it would be nice to have a complete set of the child’s birth year. Again the cost and time pushed aside this goal. Came close as well. Again we tried this when the 2nd child was on the way in 2006 and 3rd in 2009. So I have 4 sets of Topps I need to complete. really the problem was it was not that much fun alone. No one to trade with and there being no more hobby shops in our small towns made it a dead hobby, and a very expensive one. Last year with my kids older I though let me try to excite them with card collecting. They don’t like sports. They don’t care about collecting. They just want to play minecraft all dang day. So I spent a good 40 bucks last year even spent 20 on the 2014 Topps binder. I was sure we would all have cards to trade and players to horde. NOPE. The cards are still sitting next to all the cards I still have from the 80’s. Then in April I saw that Topps finally let Android users have fun with digital cards. I LOVE digital collecting. I own ZERO Magic the Gathering paper cards. I own 10K digital cards. I love it. And I quickly fell in love with what Bunt can be. I have 25k already in 2 months and have been Black and Gold VIP. Like everyone I have a million ideas how to make the app more fun. I have pushed this and SW app on everyone at work. Now all of these grown men are opening packs at work and trading like we are kids. Sadly most of them only do this on Star Wars. One reason they know the product better. Secondly they get more free coins. Sure they at first said “I will never need to buy coins” soon they where hooked and buying coins. We not me. I am all alone amongst my friends buying coins in the baseball app. Well when I heard that they was going to cross over to paper cards I was EXCITED. Im thinking I am going to get players with codes and loot cards I can redeem for coins. I hear there is player cards that can be redeemed for Bunt cards but the odds are impossible. And as we know only one coin card can be redeemed per Bunt name. I went out and got $40 bucks worth of Paper cards. I bought one of every pack type at Target. I got 3 coin cards. I COULD NOT WAIT TO GET HOME TO ENTER THE CARDS. When I read the odds of the coins you could get i was shocked. 1m = 0.01% 500k 0.1% 50k 1% 5k 10% 1k 87.8% ( I think thats right I am going off memory) I was shocked that 1k was the best odds. I instantly though. I can go watch a Tapjoy video and see me some Kate. I was really let down. 1k seemed real insulting. Then to make matters worst I quickly found out that I could only enter one code. I was pissed. Here I though “How am I going to explain to the wife I am going to collect both paper and digital cards” Well Topps made that conversation easy. I have no need to buy paper cards again. I dont know what is up Topps sleeve. I wish there was more transparency with the digital cards. I really open that new users do not create an account and quickly uninstall the app like 6 of my work friends and 3 of my real life friends. Topps need to be Bunt card crack dealer. Give out the coins. Give them out. Make it rain. Nothing will hook a new user like free. Once my collector bone started to be itched i was hooked. Hook new users with coins. From packs, from contests from farmville like community where visiting each Bunters man cave where I can display my uber cards from unlocked achievements. Why is there not more achievements. And I don’t mean the unlocked awards you get for completing this or that. Why not trophies and plaques that can be hung in some social media type man cave where I can show off my collection and achievements? Earn the achievements from hitting trade plateaus . Packs bought. Contests entered. Contests placing. A latter system. Leagues. Well I regress. I hope the coin cards bring in new blood and they crash the buggy app even more. Look me up send a trade and please counter Kizbee

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