2015 Topps Bunt Series 2 – Player Target List

With the release of Series 2 on the physical side, we are finally going to reach a point where new base cards should be on their way almost immediately. Because Bunt designs are digitizations of their physical counterparts, the cards in the app have to wait for the Series 2 launch to be released. Looks like we might be getting some very shortly based on the article, and I cannot wait. Here are the best players that should be making their base debut.

Kris Bryant – Cubs


Stat Line: .298 / 8 HR / 39 RBI / .886 OPS (55 games)

I am putting him on this list because he is the main rookie that half of the physical card hobby is focusing on. In bunt, he has had a few cards already, but his play has been awesome enough that its time to get him some boosted cards. To do what he has done at the plate in 23 games is pretty impressive.

Johnny Cueto – Reds


Stat Line: 2.98 ERA / 86K / .949 WHIP

Even though he hasnt been DOMINANT like he was at the beginning of last year, he has a pretty nice line for a pitcher in Bunt. He has a lower WHIP to keep those points he gets from IP up and the Ks help. He should come around in the second half of the year.

TOP PICKUP: Prince Fielder – Rangers


Stat Line: .344 / 11 HR / 47 RBI / .933 OPS

This has to be one of the bigger surprises of the year, as Prince is literally kicking some ass. leading the AL in batting with a huge power number clip is Bunt heaven. He is going to be a must play every night, especially if the Rangers go deep into the pennant chase.

Albert Pujols – Angels


Stat Line: .273 / 19 HR / 37 RBI / .870 OPS

I have always been a Pujols fan, as he started to be his HOF self right around the time I got back into baseball. He has dipped lately as of his stats, but he sure has had a good start to 2015. Those HRs alone are worth taking a look at his card.

Matt Harvey – Mets


Stat Line: 3.32 ERA / 73K / .931 WHIP

I like Harvey this year, coming back from an injury season. His WHIP is low enough for anchor consideration in your Bunt lineup and his ERA is pretty low considering we are almost halfway through the season.

Gerrit Cole – Pirates


Stat Line: 1.71 ERA / 93K / 1.083 WHIP

Cole is probably one of the best pitchers in the NL from a stats perspective, and in Bunt, he is right there as well. He eats up innings and has a low ERA, and his above 1 WHIP is offset by his Ks. He will be a great person to stock up on for contests.

TOP PICKUP: Max Scherzer – Nationals


Stat Line: 1.93 ERA / 113 K / .879 WHIP

This guy was basically cast aside by Detroit because of a weird arm angle in the way he pitches. They just didnt want to risk a big contract on a pitcher who has yet to go through the whole injury process that happens to everyone these days. Well, Scherzer is the Cy Young leader at the moment in Bunt, and is the one guy you MUST pick up when he is released. Huge K numbers and a tiny WHIP number will be a guy you will start every single time he plays, even against the best lineups in the league.

Good luck on your acquisitions everyone!

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5 Responses to 2015 Topps Bunt Series 2 – Player Target List

  1. Mike says:

    Kris Bryant has played 55 games this season, not 23.

  2. Todd says:

    Just a correction on your Max Scherzer comment. he was offered a huge contract by Detroit but turned it down as his agent, Scott Boras, wanted him to test free agency. Both parties have said as much and indicated once the initial offer was declined the Tigers knew Scherzer wouldn’t be back. That’s one of the reasons they got Price as they knew they could have an ace for 2015 season as well as a mid-season 2014 pick up.

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