Bunt Tip of the Day – Preparing for All Star Week

Get ready to rock, because the best week of the Bunt regular season is coming shortly.

All Star Week is a big event for MLB each year, and it should come as no surprise that Bunt is also going to celebrate with some pretty big releases. Although the game is likely not going to count for points in the app, there will be cards and packs aplenty to pass the time until the festivities are over.

2015-Topps-All-Star-FanFest-Todd-Frazier-218x300 2015-Topps-All-Star-FanFest-Mike-Trout-218x300

Last year was the first time the week was a true “event” in the game, even though there have been commemorative cards for a few years. I would guess that this will be the biggest celebration in the app’s history, and Im sure we are in for a lot of surprises. Here are some thoughts on what to expect.



This one is guaranteed, as it has been a part of the game for the last few years. TOPPSMIKE even said there might be two different sets this year, which only adds to the chase of getting all the different players that will eventually be named to the team. I would guess these will show up soon, with the ASG Final Vote going on now.

These cards could end up being pretty available, so dont go insane trying to collect the entire set day one. Pace yourself and pick out the limited cards with capped card counts first, and then go after the ones that are a bit more accessible later.



Last year, the game’s top vote getter in Jose Bautista got a commemorative All Star sig, that remains one of the cooler ones in the game from 2014. I would venture a guess that All Star themed inserts of this type could be coming as early as Wednesday, but you never know. I would say next Wednesday will be prime territory for an All Star Themed Sig.



Last year, we got special cards for all the participants in the Home Run Derby, including winner cards for the champion, Yoenis Cespedes. What was cool was that these cards ended up being easier pulls, but very limited, so there were a lot of people chasing the set. Definitely expecting some fireworks on derby day.



I loved the addition of fan fest cards last year, as it highlighted a lot of the Minnesota Twins history, and scenes from the show floor. They also did sets of the giveaway cards that Topps put together, and this year’s cards are definitely going to be just as fun. Cincy has a long history in the game, and Fan Fest is a place where a lot of that history is going to be on display. Being that TOPPSCHRIS is quite the photographer, I would guess there will be tons of content from all the events, including this one.


2 5

This is where sets like Archives and From the Vault can shine, although I have not been made aware of whether or not they have plans to incorporate the midsummer classic into the existing weekly inserts. Being that this is such a big deal, I would love to see any tie ins really get special treatment, and the history of the game is an awesome way to do that. These two sets are prime candidates to see a parallel created.

As mentioned above, this week is where Diamond VIPs are made. With an added focus on collecting over gameplay this year due to the gaps in the contest format, I would see a huge amount of stuff hitting packs. The strategy is to determine your targets ahead of time, unless you have extra funds you have been saving up. I would expect an app update shortly, including a new banner and themes for the game. TOPPSDAN has shown his chops lately with creating some really nice looking cards, cannot WAIT to see what they come up with.

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2 Responses to Bunt Tip of the Day – Preparing for All Star Week

  1. Lanser says:

    I sure hope something is coming up, they have certainly reduced contest to a bare minimum. Feels like more of a wind down than a ramp up!

  2. BadWolf1197 says:

    I agree with Lanser. While I have only been playing for 1 1/2 months…the drop in contests this week has made the app boring. Instead of spending all night with the app open as I watch games and puruse the trades mill, I simply log on in the morning, get my bonus, see if anything interesting (and affordable) is available for chase, then close it out until tomorrow. The android app was bad enough when contests were available, but without contests, the constant app crashes, impossibly slow loading of pending trades/ trades to rate, and lack of some functions (that are available in the apple app) makes it unbearable.

    If this is their big All Star week excitement, I am going to hate to see the off-season

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