SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Getting Set for Week 20 Marathons

I cannot believe we are almost 2/3rds of the way through the first “season” of Star Wars Card Trader. Although we havent gotten a true indication of what is going to happen after week 30, I would guess it will be something like what happens during offseason for Huddle and Bunt. Then again, it might be completely different.

That being said, as we approach week 20, there are a number of Marathons that will be approaching the second checkpoints, and you know that means a very volatile trade economy begins almost immediately. There will be hundreds of people looking to fill the holes in their collections, and that only makes each of the marathon cards more valuable.

With the changes to the pack structure, as well as the addition of more users, the weekly marathons havent been as valuable over the second leg. You can regularly pick up singles online for less than 7 bucks, a stark departure from what we saw with the first leg.

Similarly, the award cards should have a MUCH larger number attached to them, especially now that there are fewer dead cards sitting in accounts that will never be recovered.  I would guess that both Vintage and Widevision will have double the card count in their award cards, and even more for cards like Galactic Moments and higher count weekly cards.

I would also take a look and make sure you have every card in the chase, which may be easiler said than done. The best way to do it is to pull up the master card sheet from the last icon on the nav bar to the right. Select “all cards” from the drop down menu at the top center, and sort by “cards I need.” You can then search “Vintage” or “Widevision” to see if you still need any of the cards. Because this will also pull up releases from the first leg of the marathon, I would consult a checklist that is available on a few sites I have in the top black bar of this page.

Based on what we saw over the last leg of the marathon, Week 8 and 9 of the chase tend to generate increased values for the singles in each set. I have seen people give up a lot just to get that last card they need, so if you have extras, this is the time to unload. Once the last few days of the chase approach, those that dont have the complete set really start to give up, so value will drop. That is when I would look to pick up what you need. There wont be as much demand.

ONE NOTE TO CONSIDER: Do not trade away your previous leg cards to get the new leg unless you have dupes. If you have a complete set of 1-30 weeks, you will get an extra award at the end that will be very valuable. If its easily replaceable, that’s one thing, but make sure to figure it out before trading away a single set piece.

Good luck over these next few weeks, I know its been a grind for those of us who were around when the cards were all in the 1k packs. May the force be with you in pulling cards these next releases.

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3 Responses to SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Getting Set for Week 20 Marathons

  1. nomadfromcincy says:

    Is there a site that has a list of all the marathon inserts in order? I didn’t see one in your list of resources. If not, I will create one.

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