SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Week 20 Starts TODAY!

Wow. Just wow. Time has flown by hasnt it?

I still remember the first days of the app, where we were all still curious how a game with no play element would be able to survive in a digital marketplace built around that experience. Now, its almost like more of the other apps are striving to achieve the same level of collecting that SWCT has brought to the portfolio. Its crazy how that happens, and it all has to do with how many people love the Star Wars universe. It is just a great vehicle to build around, and for the most part, things have gone very well in the app since week 1.

Today marks the start of week 20, the close of the second leg of the Marathon that will run for another 10 weeks after this one. Although there is no true information about what might happen over the next 3 months, its safe to say that there is still a lot to come.

With Vintage being the first of the Marathons to start, today’s release will be one that a lot of people are looking to close out their sets. If Week 10 was any indication, the card shouldnt be extra rare or extra hard to get, just a card that everyone is looking for at the cheapest possible value. Because so many people have invested so much of their resources over the last 10 weeks, there just isnt as much left to go around.

With week 21, all of that will change, as it will be another opportunity for people to jump back on board with the Marathon chase of their choice. We saw Boba Fett Vintage, Funeral Pyre Widevision, and Han/Leia connections have higher value than any other card in the chase for this reason, and it sure doesnt hurt that they end up being some of the rarer cards of their leg.

If you dont have a complete set by now, time to complete is waning. The good thing is, many people will be looking to dump their dupes before the reset, and that means a buyers market is likely to be in play for cards that arent the ones mentioned above. If you have dupes to unload, I mentioned before that weeks 18 and 19 were probably the highest point for the cards, but you should still be able to find some takers who dont have their sets done. Week 20 is definitely going to be a lower point of value though, unless someone is desperate. The dupe market should be strong.

It should go without saying that after seeing the Vintage and Widevision rewards for the first leg, I am beyond intrigued to see what the cards will be this time around. Im predicting counts more than double what they were for the first leg, but that isnt the point. We are fast approaching the reward we all collect to receive, and I could not be more excited.

Good luck this week everyone! If you need a checklist, a reader graciously put this together for us:

Star Wars Card Trader Marathon Checklist

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