SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Award Card Issue Workaround

Right now, there is a bug that has caused some issues with recent award recipients not being able to see their cards upon delivery. Other users can pull up these cards when trades are offered, but they are not visible on the personal card sheet of the person who owns them.

This first happened with the purple base variant awards, where the people who completed the sereies 2 gold set got a notification that the award cards were delivered. When they went to their sheet, many if not all of the cards werent visible. The same thing recently happened with the blue badges award last night, which caused a lot of confusion as to why their card wasnt showing up.

A few people were able to figure out a way to get the card to show up, but it requires a bit of teamwork with any friends you might have in the game. Find someone that has the same card you cannot find on your sheet, and offer them a trade for it. When you pull up the trade screen, offer your card in return. Once the trade is accepted the card should be visible on your sheet. It might be visible as soon as the trade is offered, but I havent confirmed this yet.

If you cant find anyone to trade with who has the same card as you do, I am happy to help you out by doing trades to unlock your cards. Shoot me a tweet @SCUncensored and we can talk about a way to make sure you can get this taken care of in a trustworthy manner.

I let the Topps Digital team know about the bug last night, and they should be looking into it already. In the mean time, this work around should take care of the issue for anyone who has missing cards.

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