Introducing the Digital Card Download: Sharing Your Voice on Digital Cards


If you are reading this site, you are likely playing along with one of the four Topps apps. You also are likely very similar to me, in that you have a lot to say about your experience regarding the apps you are involved with. Because I feel like these stories need a vehicle to be told to the world, I wanted to organize a way to give you a chance to tell them. Some of you likely have blogs already, or post on Reddit, or on a message board. If you dont, this is your opportunity to start a discussion.

Here is how this is going to work.

Pick any of the questions listed below and write. Take it any direction you want, use any media you would like to use. If you want to do a blog post, please do so. If you want to do a video on youtube, that works too. As long as it has a direct link, that is all that matters. My only request is that your writing is substantial, I.E. more than a line or two. Write a few paragraphs, talk for a few minutes, whatever you feel is right to say what you want to say. If you are going to write two lines, make them worth everyone’s time to read, at the very least.

When you are finished with your submission – please post it in the comments below. I will not be able to include it without your submission. Shoot me a link that goes directly to the content, and not a link to a general site. We want to ensure that people have easy access to what you put together. With the link, include the name of the post, include the name of the site, and the name you want to be known by.

After the deadline has passed, I will take all the links that are posted and compile them into one major post on this site. Hopefully it will provide an audience to your discussion, as I know many people involved with the apps read this site frequently.

Some rules:

  • No trolling – keep this constructive. If you have something negative to say, that is perfectly fine. Just make it business, not personal. If your post is a hate rant, im not going to link it. It wont help anything if the discussion is just a way to antagonize people.
  • Do not call out other users – if you want to talk in generalities, that’s fine, but no “I hate SCUncensored because he offers crappy trades.” type of stuff.
  • Keep it clean – I know we have a tendency to use a lot of adult language, but for this particular exercise, please keep it PG13 at most.

Now, without further adieu, here are the topics for discussion – please choose one for your entry into the Download. There will probably be other opportunities to more of these if it is successful, so dont worry if there are a few you would like to cover. For now, just one.

  1. What got you interested in digital cards? What were the main factors that hooked you and why did you stick around?
  2. What is your favorite card or set? What is the reasoning behind your attachment to it? How many do you own?
  3. If you could have a discussion about (INSERT YOUR FAVORITE APP) with (INSERT APP PRODUCER HERE), what would you want to talk about? What are the things you feel that they ABSOLUTELY need to know?

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, August 11th.

Participation prizes will be randomly generated for people that submit content! Prizes include inserts from the app of your choice, gold cards, and other fun stuff. Who knows, we might even be able to get some publicity for your site in the process!

Have fun and lets make this a big deal for everyone involved! This is your opportunity to be a voice for change or a voice for whatever you feel is important.

NOTE: Please do not post your entire thoughts in the comments below, I would like to make sure that we have a permanent place to display these thoughts. WordPress and Blogger offer free services if you need a place to post, and you can always post a youtube video, or on a forum.

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