Huddle 2015: Countdown to the NFL Season Begins

I apologize for not writing much about Huddle lately, as it is still my main app when it is in season. Over the last few months it has been in hibernation, with ENORMOUS exceptions for the draft and Rookie Premiere. With the start of the 2015 season about a month away, I think its time to start the countdown and think about what is in store for the new build.

Gearing Up

Right now, everything in Huddle is pretty stagnant, which is both unfortunate and advantageous at the same time. Because the fan feed has so few people trading in it, if you have a large collection with lots to offer, the people will literally fall all over themselves to offer good trades.

Outside of that, its not all that active in any aspect, even though many of the releases over the course of the offseason have been top quality. Because we have LITERALLY no clue as to how Huddle is going to work for 2015, its best to stock up with as much stuff as you can to use as trade bait for the new build.

Im not saying that you should go out and pick up every insert, but definitely ones that would still carry value in a new season. This new season may or may not look to bring action shots back into the mix in some fashion like we saw with the draft and rookie premiere. Huddle is finally coming out of their shell on those two events, which hadnt happened at all since week 2 of the 2014 season. Hopefully they will find some way to transition that into a better look and feel for 2015 than another year of head shots.

Some of the cards I would look to pick up:

  • Offseason Sigs
  • Sigs in general
  • Action shot 2014 cards
  • Parallax cards
  • Rare inserts with low card counts
  • NFL Draft
  • NFLPA Rookie Premiere

Even if the new season has action shots in play somehow, the draft cards will still look amazing next to anything we might see in 2015. Same thing goes for the other stuff on this list, especially rare VIP sigs and the like. Because many of the people that own these cards know they are going to have value carryover, it wont necessarily be easy to get them cheap.

NOTE: It should be assumed that all 2014 cards WILL NOT SCORE for 2015. Those 20x boosts from the Super Bowl will not help you in the new season.

What to Expect

This is where things get muddy, as I have absolutely no clue what might transpire as we lead up to 2015. One can hope that Huddle eventually releases early 2015 cards similar to the way Bunt did in March, but Im not sure they are ready to make that leap. There has been no communication as to whether or not the app will be NFL licensed or not, and I would imagine that it will be a closely guarded secret until the first day of the new build. Each and every day that passes, I get a little bit more excited that something might happen on this front, but its just one of those things we all have to be patient with.

Similarly, the app is likely going to be updated to match what Bunt and Star Wars have done with their builds. Contests from Bunt will likely be ported over to Huddle, and will likely work much better in the format that the NFL week is structured. I think that building contests for Monday, Thursday and Sunday is much more manageable than building contests for 7 days a week. With Throwdowns already a big part of Huddle 2014, I would guess this will be a smooth transition for users, more than it was for Bunt. Im pretty excited to see how it turns out – especially considering lessons learned from version 1.0 in Bunt.

I would expect that the pack formats and master access paywall will be used for Huddle this year as well, as it is now in place for both Bunt and Star Wars. Although the paywall in Bunt has come down a bit since the beginning, I expect it to be up from day one in Huddle. They may soften as the year progresses, but it shouldnt be something that people fear, even more so now that we understand the trade economy attached to it.

Boost Culture

This is where things get very complicated, as Huddle was boosted to the high heavens as the year progressed. The Topps team talked on a few occasions about how gameplay would be more of a focus with headshots being the norm, and that translated to a bunch of 20x boosts by the time the season ended.

I actually had fun in the playoffs, chasing down all the fun cards, and it was clear that by the way people were buying, I wasnt the only one. If the head shots are back for 2015, crazy boosts will be as well. If there is a way to involve more action shot photography, I expect more of a happy medium. Its about the way the game is perceived, and Huddle is much different than Bunt in that way.

Overall, I am super excited to see what the team has in store, as Huddle’s design team and content team is among the best there is. Hopefully new developments and features for the new build will continue to be as fun as it was in 2014. Im pretty sure they will be.

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