Digital Card Download: My Favorite Type of Digital Cards

If you are looking for the original guidelines and submission instructions for the Digital Card Download, they can be found here. This will serve as my submission, and I encourage you all to find a way for a submission of your own.


I have been a user of the Topps apps for a long time now. I even have a few 2012 Huddle cards on my account to prove it. I have always loved the way digital cards have allowed me to engage with collecting at any time during the day, including at 3am while feeding my baby son, who decided sleeping through the night was outside of his capabilities.

One type of card has always been my favorite, and its not even a competition. Yes, everyone, I am a sig chaser. If a card has a signature attached to it, I have likely cracked a number of packs trying to get it.

I think the reason I have such an affinity for signature cards has to do with my focus in collecting physical cards, as autographed memorabilia has always been something I love. It started back when I was a kid, as my dad introduced me to how much fun it was to write celebrities and athletes through the mail to obtain autographs. He had an IMPRESSIVE collection, including autographs from many presidents, actors, and of course, athletes.

When I first joined up with Topps Bunt at the beginning of the app, I didnt really get the appeal until the sig cards were first introduced in 2013. In fact, one of my first insert cards I ever pulled was the Adrian Peterson sig on 2013 Huddle, which got me going full time on both apps. Football is my main sport, and pulling that card was by far one of the coolest things that has happened to me, even to this day.


Back then, you only got 1k per day in each of the apps, and Huddle packs cost 5k per pack. I had just joined Huddle a few days prior, and had saved up enough for one pack. I was really just trying to get some extra cards to play with the following sunday, but came across an odd one in the middle of the pack. I was super happy to see it was Adrian Peterson – a player I had yet to acquire. The signature was cool, but I wasnt quite understanding of the value. It turned out to be one of the best cards of the game in 2013, and remains one of my favorite cards in my now massive collection.

Since then, I have collected one copy of just about every sig released in Huddle, give or take some of the rare variants, and I am about 19/20ths of the way to a completed second marathon leg in 2015 Bunt. Even though the card isnt a tangible autograph, and the player hasnt touched it, it is still awesome to pull and collect the cards. There is a reason why the cards are the Mercedes of insert cards, and I love seeing what the team comes up with each week. We have seen dual, triple and even sextuple sigs.

For me it represents the chase, a card that everyone wants and only few can get. Although it takes luck to pull them, it can require a ton of effort to trade for them. No one will give them up easily, and that makes for even more of a struggle to build your collection. Its that tension that makes it so satisfying when you get a new one for your collection.

My favorite sigs are all Minnesota based (my hometown) – the Mauer Bunt sig from 2014, the Peterson sig mentioned above, and the Teddy Bridgewater sigs in Huddle. You literally couldnt pry them from me.


I know there are quite a few other people who feel the same way I do, and I hope they write a post similar to mine explaining their love for all things digital signature. Because for the people who collect sigs, there will never be anything better.

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