SWCT MIA: Five Underrepresented Characters in the App

Overall, the Star Wars team has done a great job creating some really amazing looking cards for the app. Although constraints exist in many different areas, the designs and content has been well above standards. That being said, a few characters get the short end of the stick when building out new sets, and here are my top five. Many of these characters do have some cards, but when you consider the roles they play in the movies, they deserve more than they get.

Princess Leia


Actually, this could be said a lot for the women of the movies, but Leia gets very little love in the insert sets. Considering she is a humongous part of the story, you would expect her to have more of a footprint in the game. The issue might stem from the fact that she doesnt have much action through the films, but Im not sure that matters. ROTJ had some great scenes.

The Emperor


Im not talking about pre-Mace Windu Palpatine stuff, im talking full on force lightning Emperor bad-assery. He is central to the story line of all six movies, but I think he should have a lot more cards that feature him in his final form.



When it comes to the movies, everything is very much a mirror when you think about it. Yoda is a mirror of the Emperor, representing everything the Emperor is not. He is one of the most iconic characters of the series, and when you think about it, probably deserves more love than he gets.

Storm Troopers


We have gotten BOMBARDED with Clone Troopers. They are everywhere in the app, despite being a group that is largely not as popular as their eventual transition into the Storm Troopers. We have had so few cards released that feature good old fashioned versions of everyone’s favorite grunts, and that is depressing. It can be difficult to represent a group, but we need to find a way. Now, the argument can be made that the enormous TK set represents the Storm Trooper in a huge way, but im not sure I buy that. Its the helmet sure, but more of a representation of art than the spirit of the group themselves.



This is going to be unpopular. Ewoks are polarizing, and might have been the original trilogy’s Jar Jar Binks in a lot of ways. The reason I am putting them on this list is because Jar Jar has had his days as of late. There is no way that he is cooler than the Ewoks. NO WAY. That needs to be fixed.

Honorable Mention: Mace Windu


He might have been the one guy that is not only underrepresented in the app, but also underrepresented in the Movies. He is a conflicted Jedi character that has a crazy interesting backstory. Plus, he is Sam effing Jackson. You dont mess with Samuel L. Jackson.

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