SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Blind Trading vs Fan Feed Offers

There are a lot of reasons why trading is more important on Star Wars than it is on any other app. Being that the word “trader” is part of the app’s title, the art of acquiring cards you dont have is a big reason why many people can be so successful in the app. There are really two ways to trade in the app, and here is how I approach both situations.

Blind Trading

If you dont know what I am talking about, blind trades are done by going to the main “all cards” sheet, selecting a card you are interested in, and clicking the trade button at the bottom. This will bring up a window where you can make an offer to multiple users at once, and not have to worry about going in individually and constructing your offer.

At the same time, it can be extremely risky, especially if you are offering to a user that has a ton of cards, and doesnt need what you are offering. It can lead to getting ignored, low rated, or any number of things. That doesnt mean it cant be incredibly successful, especially with cards that arent advertised on the fan feed as much. Its a great way to complete sets, especially if the card has a high count.

Here is how I approach blind trades:

  • Always overpay. If you are asking someone for a trade unsolicited, you have to make it worth their while. Throw in some extra cards to sweeten the deal, and also to ensure that they dont put you on ignore.
  • The people listed on top of the offers are always your friends, try to do those trades 1:1 as you likely added them for a reason. If you know the person, avoid sending them cards you might not know if they need or not.
  • Pay attention to collection score. If someone has a collection score in the high 80s or above, the chances they need what you are offering is low. You could be offering on a set single, and that might mean your trade will be 1 starred. I usually target people in the 50s, 60s and 70s because I know there is less likelihood that they have cards I am going to offer.
  • At the same time, you can try to offer on the larger score users, as they might have dupes they can spare. This is why blind trading is just that – blind.
  • Its also IMPERATIVE you look at the trader rating counts of the users. If you are offering on card that is owned by someone with a low count of completed trades, they might not be in the app very often or at all. Your trade will just sit there and flare up your OCD when you see that “1” on your pending trade screen.
  • Its customary to leave a note – even if its just one word. I am less likely to 1 star or ignore a blind trade if the user includes a note saying it was a blind offer.
  • DONT BEG. DONT BEG EVEN ONE LITTLE BIT. I cant stress this enough.
  • Be patient – these trades can take the full timer. Dont cancel a trade just because its been 15 minutes. Let them sit for hours.
  • The best way I find to do it is overnight, as then the offers wont clog my trade inbox while other stuff is coming in. I wait until the people might have gotten up, as I know the first thing everyone does is collect their daily bonus.

I have gotten really lucky sometimes when you are in a pinch to complete a set. You need that last piece and you are tired of saying that you need it on the fan feed. I kind of use blind trades as a last resort. It does work though – especially if you make it worth their while.

Fan Feed Trade Offers

This is where things can get super hairy. Im not even kidding. You will find some of the craziest people in the app trolling the fan feed, and you need to be prepared for when that happens.

I would go into your text message spot, type up whatever your trade hook is, and get moving. The feed can be an exercise in futility, or it can be a windfall. You can get rich quickly, or start swimming in junk bonds. Schizophrenia doesnt even begin to describe.

Here is my approach:

  • I like to take offers rather than make offers. Its easier to negotiate when you have the upper hand, and forcing people to make offers plays to that. If there is a card I need, I will definitely put some feelers out there, but as a rule, I like being the respondent rather than the offerer.
  • Be vague in your hook, unless there is something specific you are only looking for. People who post super long and specific trade lists kind of bother me. Keep it short and sweet. Say what you need to say and leave the door open for those random trades that could end up being your big fish of the day.
  • Again, as mentioned in the blind trade write up, the person making the offer should be prepared to overpay a little bit. Less so in the fan feed, but still make it a habit if you are the one making the offer. I see people say “fair trades only” in their hook, but that is like saying “pay me more than you should.” Just let convention speak for itself and dont be a jerk.
  • New cards are always hotter than less new cards. Notice how I didnt say old cards, as there are a lot of old cards that continue to hold value regardless.
  • Pay attention to card counts, but characters and sets matter too. A 3500 vintage is likely going to be worth more than the recent insert release to 1000. You never know.
  • Dont be afraid to ask questions – send a same card trade with a note that asks the person on the feed what they are looking for. Even more so if the card is a big one.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS review every card in the trade before hitting accept. There are a lot of scams out there where people will hide your nice cards in a bunch of junk so that you accept before reviewing. Great way to lose your parallels.
  • If someone sends a horrible trade, dont berate them. Its not worth it. Just add a note that says, “sorry, no thanks.” and add them to ignore. If they are a brand new user, offer some help if you have the time.

I have more tips in the “Tips for Newbies” up at the top if you are interested. Keep in mind how difficult it can be to learn the unwritten rules, and you dont have to start from the top. There was a recent post on reddit that talked about someone starting with a white base card, and through a number of different trades, ended up with a Vintage Han. Dont try to trade nothing for something, as it will never work.

After all the golden rule of making offers is: If this trade were offered to me, would I accept it? If the answer is no, its time to retool your offer.

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1 Response to SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Blind Trading vs Fan Feed Offers

  1. michael says:

    well said. This has been my experience over my first month in the game.

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