Is Force Friday a Potential Bonanza for SWCT?

When an event is occurring, and the company behind it wants to pay Twitter to use a special icon for their hashtag, you know it is a BIG deal. Force Friday starts tomorrow, nay MIDNIGHT tonight, and after seeing the way the Topps main Twitter is working, combined with some Twitter hints from other entities, I am expecting tomorrow to be a relative Super Bowl for SWCT.


Although there is no confirmation as of yet, it would be naive to believe that there wont be a BLITZ of new material from the new Episode VII movie, and I could not be more excited. I would guess that the Force Awakens has the power to act as a secondary driver of all collections leading up to the December release and beyond. The question is how much it will infiltrate the main function of the app, and whether or not it will completely take over? That is still yet to be determined.

If we are being completely honest here, the movies dictate the majority of the trade economy and pack sales when releases happen. The original trilogy still has the most power, if not only because the prequel trilogy never really lived up to expectations. Either way, both sectors of the Star Wars Universe maintain the top value in the app, and I dont think that the producers will want to give up at all on that side of the business.

If I were running things, my first order (see what I did there?) would be to create a second Cantina that houses all packs containing Ep VII cards. Although I dont think there will be base cards ready to distribute at this point, its a moot point. The inserts are what will drive people to buy, and if the publicity stills and other promotional images are any indication, the cards will be some of the best looking in the game.

I would say without a doubt that the existing marathons will not be impacted by new cards, but there is nothing that says new marathons will not begin. I could easily see long sets that extend out past week 30 in the game. December is a lifetime away in SWCT real time, and that says a lot about what could potentially be done with new movie themed sets.

Regardless, I would be very surprised if there isnt a wave of releases that will start early tomorrow, and I hope you all have saved your coins. Im debating at what point I will head over to target or the disney store to see some of the new items too, as the Force Friday bonanza goes all across the licensees of SW goods. Its going to be fun tomorrow, be prepared to dive in deep.

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