SWCT Force Friday is HERE With New App Updates

Yesterday evening, depending on your timezone, you got your first look at how the new Star Wars trilogy could start to have an impact on SWCT. It was clear that the response to Force Friday in general was big across all licensees of Star Wars products, but we didnt expect how many things might change over the course of the night.


I want to break down a few of the things that happened last night, including some information that might be worth checking out.

New Force Awakens Card Sets

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At midnight, the team released the second Force Awakens set, and the first since week one of the app. These cards were very difficult to pull, but man are they some of the best looking inserts I have seen in a while. The silhouetted character treatments highlighting their roles in the upcoming film was beautiful, and its clear that people were clamoring to get their hands on at least two sets (we will get to why in a second).


With the new app update, we also got a preview of some of the cards, and similar to the premiere set, the prospects are looking amazing. I think that we are in for some tremendous looking sets over the next few months, and you should definitely be excited if you are a fan of the movie side of the business.


App Update – Smuggler’s Den

This is a brand new thing with the new update, and it DEFINITELY poses a new element to the economy within the app. It is clear that Topps wants to provide some huge opportunities to involve hoarders and other fun “play” elements to the game, and this might be the first step for both. The smuggler’s den allows for cards to be traded in based on an exchange rate, and some of them are definitely worth your time to check out.


From what I can tell, its 20 yellows for a gold (oof!), 10 reds for a yellow, 6 blues for a red, and 5 commons for a blue. There are going to be deals for white to white I would guess, but those havent populated yet.

As mentioned above, the first insert set Smuggler’s Den offer will be used for the Force Awakens premiere set, where a special villains card will be available for trade. This will be a rare card, as people will likely need to trade in multiple FA cards, which are tough to get in the first place. Interesting concept either way.

App Update – General Issues

This looks to be the most robust update since the beginning, and it looks to have caused some minor issues. The first is that cards went into a rarity / card count organization on the sheet, which broke up sets and looked really weird. They locked access to the sheet until it could be fixed.

It also looks like font formatting and other things have made things look pretty odd in the cantina, but again, these look to be minor fixes that can be done quickly. The overall look of the cantina doesnt really appeal to me, as I dont like the extra screen needed to access each type of pack. At the moment there are only two sections (Normal and I AM), but this could be necessary for further updates with sets that need their own section.

TOPPSMARC tweeted out to email thesenate@topps.com if there were any issues that people discovered.

Overall, I think this is going to be a very interesting couple of months until December, and I will definitely keep updating as the ride progresses!

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1 Response to SWCT Force Friday is HERE With New App Updates

  1. FOLARIN says:

    So much better than the botched KICK 16 update. It’s been 3 weeks and I still can’t get into KICK for longer than 2 seconds because it crashes. I like what they have done and look forward to some more new releases.

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