Monday Throwdown: Breaking Down Tonight’s GO Boosts!

After quite the interesting round of games this past Sunday, this Monday night slugfest could end up being just as interesting. With the Jets coming off a win, and the Colts coming off a terrible loss, this one has potential to put New York at an astounding 2-0 and the Colts as a crazy 0-2. Here is a breakdown of tonight’s game only boosts.


Andrew Luck – QB, Colts

If there was a brighter star on the rise than Luck, I would be shocked. Not only that, but he hasnt lost two straight games since weeks 1 and 2 from 2012. The issue is that the Jets defense continues to be a formidable opponent, and TY Hilton isnt going to be 100% if he ends up playing at all. Luck will have his work cut out for him, and I am not sure if he will score a ton of points tonight. He always has potential to throw for 300+ with 3 TDs, but that is going to be tough if last week’s Jets game was any indication.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Frank Gore – RB, Colts

I think Gore, like Luck, is going to be in for a long night. I still think he is in a better position than any Colts running back last year, but Gore is losing some tread on the tire. If the Colts get behind, its very easy to think that Luck could end up throwing the ball 45 times. Even if they are ahead that could happen. We will have to see what old Frank has in the tank.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Brandon Marshall – WR, Jets

The Jets got an absolute steal in this trade. Marshall is still a top receiver, even if the QB is Ryan Fitzpatrick. With the Colts secondary being an issue again this year, Marshall could have a great game. He caught a TD last week, and I would expect AT LEAST one more this week. This is the GO Boost I would chase out of all of the cards released today.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

Chris Ivory – RB, Jets

I did not expect Ivory to do as well as he did last week, and he could be in line for another nice game this week too. The Colts are built around their offense, not their defense, and that could play right into the hands of the running game tonight. He could easily get some scores, especially on Goal Line carries.

Scoring Potential: yToM4rELcyToM4rELcyToM4rELc

I love Monday Night football, and I am even more happy that football is now underway. Getting these cards out shows that they should continue to be a part of the game after Sunday was a bit empty of GO Boosts.

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