Star Wars Force Tip of the Day: Valuing Smuggler’s Den Base Variants

Since the creation of the Smuggler’s Den a few weeks ago, there have been a number of awesome cards that have made their debut through the new feature. Among them are special base variants that can only be obtained through shredding some of the rarest gold cards in the game.

Capture 2

They have had some pretty low counts, and they are definitely in demand for the popular characters. Like spectrum, green, orange and black, base variant cards have a certain appeal to individuals who are character collectors. For others, there may not be as much value attached, which can limit appeal on a widespread level.

Of all the Den variants, the rarest is the Varactyl at 833, for which count may not be a reason to value this one over Boba Fett at 1134 or Jabba at 872. For these, like the Greens and Spectrums, character selection is intrinsic to the value of the card. Sure, if a card is DRASTICALLY rarer than the others, maybe coming in below 500, it might be different. The way it is now, I think many of the characters are pretty interchangeable.

I have seen a premium put on the Queen Amidala card because it was the first available of this type of variant, which makes sense. At the same time, we know that something is eventually coming that could change the game.

On Twitter, we were discussing what might happen if the Den did not guarantee a “win” when shredding cards. Can you imagine making a decision between keeping a rare gold or having the CHANCE at a variant when you shred it? What about rare inserts? All of this has already been hinted at, and presents quite the conundrum if it eventually is presented.

Im also waiting for Topps to offer a Den variant for a more readily available gold, and if that is a time when the pack does not become guaranteed. When venturing outside of series 2, some of the golds have a count of 10k+. That could present a very tempting decision for the people who have multiples.

Overall, I would consider the Den a rousing success, as I have heard few complaints about the programs they have run through the feature. Adding in these cool situations that put users at a moment of choice surrounding their cards – only makes the future of this feature that much more intriguing. As mentioned before, I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

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1 Response to Star Wars Force Tip of the Day: Valuing Smuggler’s Den Base Variants

  1. John says:

    So. If I trade in a card of say a vader.
    It’s like a shot at something better ?
    I’m trying to understand the concept of the den.
    I’ve traded like 4 cards and don’t see anything new..

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