SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Breaking Down My Favorite Force Awakens Cards

The movie is nigh. If there is a way to put me into suspended animation until the middle of December, that would be awesome. I am beyond excited to see how the new trilogy starts and plays out, as it looks like it is full of moments that made the original trilogy so much fun. SWCT has had their fair share of cards that celebrate the movie, and here are some of my favorites.

Santa Cruz Set


Man do I love these cards. Each example brings me back to high school and the 80s skate culture we all looked to emulate. The artwork is incredible, the cards are rare, and sadly I dont have a single one. Of all the Force Awakens cards, I want a full set of these the most. Having no variants for a set is ALWAYS a big deal, and that is maybe why they are so tough to come by.

Die Cut Set


I love the silhouette style presentation they used in these cards, and the fact that they are the first die cut inserts makes them sought after. Each of the cards looks better than the next, and they look great on the card sheet when arranged as a set. Absolutely awesome.

Angles Set


Im not a huge fan of the name of the set, but the way the cards are designed showcases a dynamic action with each example. My favorite of the set is actually the most readily available, with the X Wing flying out of each side.  It can be a challenge to deliver a stunning card with SO MUCH white present, but these succeeded and then some. The packout format was pretty popular with these as well, making the set even more popular and hard to find.

Force Awakens Premiere


Ahhh yes, the set that started it all. When these hit the sheet on Force Friday, my jaw dropped. Easily one of the more beautiful looking sets of the entire SWCT run, and they were so popular that the app started crashing as people scrambled for their sets. The Den element for the awards was a huge curveball that kept the cards valuable, and they still are worth a lot this many weeks later.

Force Awakens Topps Classic


I dont usually go for the retro SW sets on the app, but these were an exception. I liked the way they look, and I liked that they were pretty easy to pull and collect. Some of them were only available for a short time because the app jumped all over the release structure, and that caused a major demand on the trade economy. So much so that a 7000 count card was being traded for much, much lower count inserts.

Im sure everyone has their favorites, and there are definitely more to come. I cant wait to see what happens when the movie eventually hits, as there are some huge opportunities to get more content we have yet to see into the app.

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1 Response to SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Breaking Down My Favorite Force Awakens Cards

  1. kapgar says:

    Santa Cruz is my favorite, too, for the same stated reasons. But I did pull a Rey in a single pack. Gave up trying after that.

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