Will Legends Make More of a Huddle Impact?

Since a few months ago, one type of card has dominated the value spectrum on the Huddle stage. Unlike other rare inserts, the Gold Legends cards have been so valuable in the game, that there is almost no way to trade for them unless you have other legends in tow. For the top guys like Rice, Staubach and company, the cost of obtaining a copy is beyond almost any other insert in the game.

Phil Simms Legend Huddle

Today, Huddle released a Bo Jackson Limted Legends card, which plays to two different groups of collectors within the game. The Limited series is already a highly sought after group of cards, and to add Hall of Fame players to the mix takes it to a different level of cool.

Actually, the Bo Jackson card itself isnt really what intrigues me the most about the release. Its not the packout in the boost bundle packs either. Its the fact that there might be more ways Huddle is going to use these types of players, and I am ALL FOR IT.

Bo Jackson Limited Huddle

I understand why they might have held off going this direction at first. The Legends boxes are expensive. Really expensive. That means the cards contained in the boxes need to be representative of the cost of ownership. Now that they have established the main hits of those releases as the top cards in the game, its time to branch off and capitalize on the momentum.

Here are some auctions, just to show the asking prices:

Topps Huddle Jerry Rice Gold Legend Card

Topps Huddle Phil Simms Gold Legend Card

Even the less rare variants are going for a lot:

Topps Huddle Roger Staubach Legend Variant Card

Topps Huddle Howie Long Legend Variant Card

Obviously, huge value attribution isnt a pass to create sets that have no value what so ever, either. Guaranteed HOF insert packs are not something I would recommend. I have trumpeted frequently that novelty is one thing that the community DOES NOT understand. They want as much of something as they can get when its hot, and then complain that things are diluted when the market is over-saturated. Value is volatile and fleeting in any of the Topps Digital apps, which is why something like using Retired players should be coddled the way it has since the first Gold card dropped.

Here are some ideas:

Legend Sigs – this is an obvious progression of the concept, but it MUST be done the right way. It cant be 1000 count with a 250 count variant. Its almost worth just releasing them as 250 count cards with no variants.

Legendary Moments – The Hail Mary, the Immaculate Reception, the Monsters of the Midway, the Purple People Eaters, the Ice Bowl. Celebrate the best moments from the history of the game in a way that keeps the cards special. These are going to be some of the most sought after cards in Huddle history.

Ring of Honor – Each team has retired numbers, and all of those are retried for a reason. Celebrating the greatest from each team would fly high with team and player collectors. Topps physical has used a special design in each base set since the early 2000s, and that would work perfectly.

Hall of Fame Busts – This might not be possible with HOF licensing, but being able to release die cuts of the HOF busts for some of the game’s greatest players would be amazing.


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1 Response to Will Legends Make More of a Huddle Impact?

  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of Legendary Moments – this would be AMAZING.

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