Recapping the Huddle Thanksgiving Madness

Yesterday was a huge day in Huddle. So much so that I am curious how big things will get for the Super Bowl and other NFL events. Considering how incredible some of the cards were yesterday, I cannot put into words how excited I am for the rest of the season.

Huddle Thanksgiving Signature Series


Cards: 5
Difficulty: Extreme
Cool Factor: Long Touchdown

Topps released a variation of the base signatures for thanksgiving, with an updated stadium background. Although I love the original signature design, this new look made the cards look like ultra premium versions. They were extremely tough pulls, and the Dez Bryant rewards sure were rare as a result.

Huddle Legend Signatures – Deion Sanders


Cards: 5
Difficulty: Unprecedented
Cool Factor: Long Touchdown

There is no better person to start off this series than Deion, who is easily one of the best players in NFL history. Not only were these cards expensive to pull at 1mil per, but the four cards in the set added up to an award signature that might be one of the best Huddle has ever seen. Incredible set, cannot wait for more.

Huddle Thanksgiving Series


Cards: 30
Difficulty: Medium
Cool Factor: Field Goal

I really like the design of the set this year, and I like that they were guaranteed cards per pack format. It made them ultra accessible to everyone who wanted to try for the set, and the award dual signature was a great looking award for the effort. I think the coolness of the set was impacted by how many other amazing things hit the store, unfortunately.

Turkey Red


Cards: 1 Free, 4 for Set, 1 for Pack Journey
Difficulty: Hard
Cool Factor: 3rd Down Conversion

I love the look of Turkey Red as a modern take on the retro pre-war set that this program is based on for physical. The bundle buy pack format didnt really work well for the release, but that is just the nature of the beast. Using the Hopkins as the Thanksgiving Pack Journey was an interesting choice, as I would guess that the Sayers Limited would have probably been a much better choice.

Legend Limited – Gale Sayers


Cards: 1
Difficulty: Extreme
Cool Factor: Touchdown

I love this series, and Gayle Sayers is a great choice for the set. Walter Payton’s estate is notoriously hard to work with, so they might not have been able to secure rights for the cards. Either way, Sayers is awesome in his own right.

Jerry Rice Contract Relic


Cards: 1
Difficulty: Hard
Cool Factor: Touchdown

Although this SHOULD have been called a Cut Siganture, its still cool as a contract relic. Its kind of set up in a lenticular format, and I really think the card is really interesting as something for the digital format.

Topps Arcade


Cards: 5
Difficulty: Hard
Cool Factor: Long Touchdown

I love this set. Love, love, love, love, love. The design is done specifically for Huddle, and the packout format will keep the cards extremely limited. This should be a cool and valuable set that will hold up for the rest of the season.

There are so many more things that hit the store today and yesterday that it is just too much to handle in one post. Stay tuned for more as the releases continue.

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1 Response to Recapping the Huddle Thanksgiving Madness

  1. Ted says:

    It was a wonderful day for cross trading. I flipped a sig and its variant for eighteen great swct cards. That Antonio Brown arcade card looks great and it’s always nice to have week 1 marathons. Hit me up at DAVESANDERS if you wanna cross. I’ll go first.

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