Topps Huddle Unveils MASSIVE Plans for Thanksgiving

Before I start, we knew Thanksgiving was going to be big. We knew Black Friday was going to be big. We had no clue that it was going to be THIS big.

Legends Cards

From what the app description says, there is a ton of legends stuff that is going to hit the app over the next few days and especially over the next few weeks. Not only will we be getting legend cards, but we will be getting Sigs, Relics and all sorts of other stuff.

This makes me extremely happy, considering I just posted how much more of an impact the legends should be able to have on Huddle.

Tyson Beck Exclusive Set

Starting on Cyber Monday, Topps Arcade will be making its debut. This set is designed exclusively for Huddle, and it looks like it might be one of the more unique looking and awesome designs we have seen.


Chris Vaccaro posted a preview of Adrian Peterson, and I could not be more pumped for this set to get going!

Allen and Ginter

After much of the community chased the Ginter cards last year during the season and the Richard Sherman parallax sig during the super bowl, we are going to see what the set can bring now that everything is fully licensed. The die cut cards are awesome looking on the physical side, and they should be insanely cool on the digital side too.


Parallax Sig – Tom Brady

This is where things are going to get crazy, and I cannot even put into words how much potential to blow the roof off of things with the Brady sig. Last year’s Brady parallax sig is still one of the most sought after cards of the year, and it should be the same thing once again this year.

Other Sets

From the description, it definitely looks like all the things mentioned above are only the beginning. Valor Relics, Patch cards, 1952 baseball fusion, it goes on and on. I hope you have your coins saved up because this is going to be a thunderdome of huddle greatness.

Ill post more previews as things become available. May god have mercy on our souls, survive if you can!

Here is the official write up:


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