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Huddle New User Tip – Understanding Boosts

Over the course of last year, cards that were boosted above the top base level ruled the app. Although things have changed significantly in 2016, boost cards have returned as an integral part of being a top points player in … Continue reading

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The SWCT 1977 Debacle is Finally Over: Card 45 Arrives!

Yesterday, a weird thing happened. Something that hasnt happened in the history of the apps, from as far as I can tell. A card was added to the sheet that was part of a set that had completed a long … Continue reading

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Huddle Gridiron Tip: Valuing Boosts Versus Gold Cards

Boosts are becoming more and more plentiful these days, and with that, more and more people are looking to pick them up to stay competitive at the top of the contest leaderboard. Because they are limited in nature, and quite … Continue reading

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SWCT Force Tip of the Day: Collecting Series With a Smuggler’s Den Element

Over the last few months, since the creation of the Smuggler’s Den, there have been a few series that have depended on the feature to complete the chase. It adds a level of urgency around the card collecting, and it … Continue reading

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2015 Bunt Offseason: Surviving the Winter In Style!

Sadly, Baseball is over, and the offseason is upon us. Because Bunt thrives during the season, the app will definitely slow down over the next few weeks, and even more so over the winter. That being said, it does not … Continue reading

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Five Players Who Do Not Need Another Huddle Card

Because we know that cards are likely produced weeks ahead of time, there is definitely a gap between what is happening on the field and which players end up on checklists. There are a few that have well overstayed their … Continue reading

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2015 Bunt: Closing Thoughts and Looking to the Future

Now that 2015 is over, I remember when the world series ended last year and I felt like so much had gone on in Bunt. It was like walking around in wet clothes after jumping in a pool, carrying around … Continue reading

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