Discussing My Favorite Sets in 2016 Huddle

When I found out that Huddle was going to be fully licensed for 2016, I had a bit of a freak out moment. After seeing the work that the design team was able to do in 2015, I knew that using logos and jerseys would be the vehicle to propel the team to design some of the best looking cards ever released in a Topps App. So far, the cards have looked absolutely tremendous, and I wanted to break down some of my Huddle created favorites from the year so far.

Limited Series


This was a popular series last year because of the low card counts on all the cards. For 2016, the set was completely redesigned, including team color variants for each release. The design is insanely awesome, showcasing the special nature of some of the rarest cards in Huddle. The design has a computer energy to it, and uses some cool effects to highlight the number of the card, and the player themselves. The bright colors make it stand out on the sheet better than previous cards, making it a collection piece that no one can ignore.

From the Lens


A new marathon for 2016, this set is all about dynamic photography, something that is one of the main reasons we love sports. Football produces some of the most iconic images because of the nature of the sport, and FTL is a celebration of that wonderful experience. The design of the card featuring the camera and the film is a great way to display the images in a clever way.

The Elements Series


Lightning, Rain, and Ice are all based around elements of football that tend to be uncontrollable. Some of the most memorable games of the past are bad weather games, and its only natural that Huddle has brought that history to digital. Of the three, Rain is my favorite, and I am enamored with the way the card uses the weather as a filter for the image. Lightning was used in Huddle last year, but its nothing like 2016. The design just pops off the card and forces you to take notice. Awesome.

Valor Relic


Even though this is only one card, its already one of my favorites in the game. JJ Watt is in top form, and the design highlights such a primordial moment with cool design work in the background. I am still getting used to digital relics, but it works so well in this card that I sincerely hope this is not the only one we get all year.

Thanksgiving Signature Series


When I saw these cards hit the sheet on Turkey Day, I immediately dove in head first. The autumn colors and stadium background just looks incredible as a presentation style. I thought the signature series cards looked great to begin with, but this just takes it to another level. As sigs, they will be valuable just because of the nature of the card, but the exclusive look makes a huge difference. Cant wait to see what they have planned for the holidays.

Super Bowl Moments


Just showing how awesome the Thanksgiving weekend was, we saw another series that made the list from the holiday. This ongoing set is the first to use Super Bowls in the cards themselves, and I dont think it wil be the last. My favorite thing about this card is the large photo with the silhouetted player separated from the rest of the image. Its a cool effect that works really well for a digital format. I am beyond pumped for the rest of the series.

Huddle 1/1 New Design


Yes, yes, I know its easy to choose this set, because they are the rarest cards in the entire app. However, when you look at the new design, it is pretty special in its own right. The way the photo is positioned diagonally between the nameplate and corner numbering looks awesome. Considering the original series was just a 1/1 added to the corner of the base design, this is leagues ahead.

Again, these are just my choices for the best of the year, and I am sure everyone has their own. With the Holidays on the way as the playoffs approach, this is the best time to be a part of Huddle.

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