SWCT Awakens: Making Plans for the Upcoming Movie Release

We are about a week and change from the opening midnight shows of the new Star Wars movie on December 18th. I would guess that if you are playing along with the app, you likely already have your plans set for when you are going to see it. The question in everyone’s mind is how SWCT will be set up to celebrate the movie, and naturally I have some predictions.

Force Friday Recap

Its worth going back and discussing the madness that happened on Force Friday. Back a few months ago, Disney set a date for all marketing for the new movie, which was nicknamed to support a large participation from the Star Wars community.


SWCT had a number of releases that took place on that Friday, including a mad dash for the awesome Force Awakens Premiere set, which remains valuable to this day.

Since that time, hundreds of cards with ties to the new movie have been released, which is why I am expecting fireworks for the biggest Star Wars event in the last decade.

Making Plans

First off, if you think nothing is going to happen, you are crazy. I would guess that there will be a multitude of fun things planned for the 18th, including some that might start around 12am ET on that date.

For some, they spend enough that new programs are just fodder at their feet, so this type of planning really only applies to those mid range spenders who have to make a decision on their resources.

Between now and then, I would make a spending decision that will help you to prepare for the thunderdome we are about to enter.The main decision point is whether or not the new stuff associated with the movie has interested you at all. If it hasnt since Force Friday, I would guess this probably isnt up your alley.

If you are a casual collector, these are likely going to be the cards that many people have been waiting for. Even if your plan is to avoid this time, getting your share and flipping it for stuff you want is a very good idea.

To add fuel to the fire, Topps has been partnering with larger Star Wars websites to pump out publicity for their app. I would stay tuned to the bigger sites that have covered this info in the past, including places like i09 and the like. They may have exclusive previews that will give you a clue on what is coming.

My Predictions

This is the first time I have really not had a good idea in my head of what I would do in a situation like this. Because Force Friday was the big reveal of consumer products, and because so many cards have come since then, im not sure how I would go about this.

The obvious part of this is definitely some big card releases. Probably follow ups to the premiere sets, and definitely some rare and desireable inserts that anyone would kill for. Cards like signatures and relics are not out of the realm of possibility, but it could be other things like new card formats and pack journey type releases.

It is also a possibility that new base cards could be on the way, which is something many have been asking for a long time. Adding Force Awakens base cards would be a tremendous addition to the app, as it would provide new hoarding targets, and a whole new crop of cards to build into the different variants.

Smuggler’s Den would definitely be a feature that I expect them to use over the course of the weekend. We saw the premiere cards used as a vehicle to shred for special awards, and that is something that I expect to happen in some capacity again.

To this point, we have not seen any cards, outside of the preview set from the beginning of the app, that use actual movie stills. We might get our first batch of cards that arent built from promotional materials. Each of the sets that have been released so far exist in physical format, and I am curious to see if the movie gives a lot more to work with. I mean, its funny to see the Angles set on my pajama pants that my wife gave me for the holidays.

Post Release

After Friday, the movie tie ins should get more intense, even though the other aspects of the app will not be taking a break. Obviously you cant release a Vintage marathon card with a movie subject, so I wouldnt be worried about that.

Most importantly, have fun with the different cards and programs. I have loved a lot of what they have released to date, and it wouldnt be surprising at all if they really blow people away with what is coming. They have some of the best graphic artists around, and I guarantee you that preparations have been going for months.

This is a big day for all of us, I am glad there is an additional outlet in this app that really makes it that much more interesting.



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