Topps Digital Holiday Programs Starting Now!

Over the last few years, Topps Digital has always had a bunch of fun that occurs leading up to and during the holidays. Each of the 4 apps has launched the first parts of their holiday programs, with Huddle breaking out the seasonal signature program that just started earlier today.

Star Wars Card Trader


In the first of what looks to be a BIG couple of weeks for the app, the holiday base variants hit the sheet today with holiday themed designs. To keep people on their toes, the card counts range from 1 to 10, with no pre-released information on what cards are the lowest of the set.

I would guess that with the movie release happening this week, the app will be all over the place releasing awesome cards, and this is probably just the beginning. I would be on the lookout for a lot more to come.

Topps Huddle


Last year, the Holiday Signature Series was insanely popular and some of the hardest cards to get in the app all year long. They are back this year with a very sleek and modern design, and the lowest signature series count so far this year.

There will be 12 cards in the series with a Kam Chancellor reward card for collecting either the 100 count regular sig or the 25 count variant sig. Going to be quite the chase, starting with Jameis Winston today and one per day until Christmas.

Considering that counts are low and boosts are high on these cards, they should end up holding quite a bit of value.  Definitely excited to see where the set goes. The variants are the first pack inserted card to hit 5x and Im sure many more are on the way.

Topps Bunt


For the first time ever, Bunt is releasing a player focused series based on a retro theme. The 12 days of Rickey hit the app yesterday, and will continue like Huddle through Christmas.

Henderson is a popular player that holds some pretty crazy records, and I would expect that this program will reflect that in popularity. Being that this is the offseason for Bunt, the program isnt as powerful as it would be with a wider audience. Either way, this is a pretty cool idea for a set that I am following closely.

Definitely going to see a lot of cards pop up from my youth, and that always strikes a chord.

Again, this is just the beginning of some major fireworks that are definitely going to be coming. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming releases as they happen.

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1 Response to Topps Digital Holiday Programs Starting Now!

  1. loftheb says:

    I understand that Topps probably has a release schedule, and won’t hold up “production” because of other issues, but, frankly, It’s insulting that they keep pushing out new lines and product when sets from weeks ago remain broken. Programs on Huddle is the latest. The entire insert set was a disaster. Even worse, Topps has intentionally refused to even acknowledge the issue. I cannot be the only one to have literally spent hundreds of dollars to come very close to completing the set and be left without the payoff. This is illegal! I was curious about your thoughts on these issues. Thank you for this site. It makes for a great reference tool.

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