How Important Are New Base Cards to SWCT?

When the app started, and even months into things, I never would have guessed that the Marathons wouldnt be some of the most important cards in the game. We clamored for them, but after a while, it was clear that the community had found a new love, one that was readily available, and was never subject to a release date. Base cards became the currency in which the SWCT has traded in for months, and the way people are attached to them show their importance. Marathons have come and gone, but the cheapest cards in the game are what drive the app these days.

Based on this situation, Im curious to see what happens with a new series of base, and the planned “retirement” of the existing series. This has the potential to open up a lot of doors for people who have taken to hoarding their favorite characters, now with a new quest to start all over. Although I dont support calling it “Series 3”, I am very excited to see what it brings.


The good side of a new base series is the chance to start with a set that might make more sense for the way the app has evolved. Better looking cards, more ways to incorporate variants, and hopefully a re-energized community looking to restock their hoards.

Of course, the task of starting from scratch may turn off some people from even trying to get going. I could see a split in the community of people trying to stick with the original cards and avoid moving on, just because of how much time, effort and money went into their original target. Considering that people will have character hoards that wont return in the new set, they might not be inclined to find someone new to chase.

Personally, I like that the team has decided to move on. As mentioned in a previous article, I was of the impression that this was still a few months off, but I have come to terms with waiting on the new build – if and when that comes. If this new series is the first part of SWCT 2016 that we will get, I think they are off to a good start.

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1 Response to How Important Are New Base Cards to SWCT?

  1. Adam Gott says:

    I don’t think that these are better looking cards! I hope the entire set doesn’t look like this? I would prefer something similar to the old Topps Stadium Club.

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