Exclusive Preview: Huddle Playoffs Are Here!

We have been waiting for a while to see what Huddle has planned for the playoffs, and we are starting to get a good idea of just how much content is going to be coming down the pipeline.

First, we have an app update that celebrates the beginning of the post season, including the use of logos for both the playoffs and Super Bowl 50. Personally, this is the type of thing that makes the NFL license so much more important, as it adds a level of authenticity to the whole release.


We also got a write up of all the different things in the works, many of which look to be some the most intriguing set chases in Huddle history. This is going to be a fun month and a half!


The playoff sets look like they are going to be quite large, including 5 levels of releases just like we saw in Bunt. The boost levels should be pretty high, considering we are already at 6x cards in the game.


The Huddle Bowl bracket format will also be changing to be much more open for the users in the app, something that I am ecstatic about. Im sure there will be much more information coming soon. The format will be new to Huddle and should be quite the chase.

We also see there will be a ton of new sets, two of which I have previews of below. Programs is back, this time with a playoff theme. There is also a historical set that has logos of all the different Super Bowls. Cannot wait for the MANY other sets yet to come.


Bottom line, this is going to be the best year of Huddle Playoffs ever, and I am beyond excited to get this underway tomorrow. Stay tuned for more information as it it is released!

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2 Responses to Exclusive Preview: Huddle Playoffs Are Here!

  1. Better start selling real cards to pay for all of these digital ones!!

  2. Paul says:

    What is your strategy for the contests, especially WRT specific sets to open now that we’ve seen some of the playoff releases?

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