Super Sized Huddle Madness: What to Expect for Super Bowl 50

Wow. I cant believe that we are 1 game away from the end of the NFL season. This is a season that started with more craziness than I can remember in past years, and its great to see the way things are shaking out.

Not surprisingly, the Panthers blew out the Cardinals to cap one of the best seasons in NFL history. On the AFC side, the Broncos EEEEKED out a victory against a Patriots team that was a 2 point conversion from tying the game with seconds to go. As much as I would have loved to see Goodell hand the trophy to Brady this year, its not going to happen now. Im pretty excited for the game, and I cant wait to see what Huddle has in store.

During the Super Bowl last year, Huddle was an absolute blast. People complained that boost levels got out of control, and so on and so forth, but I had more fun than any other time during the year. This year, I would expect similar fireworks, even though the boost levels wont get anywhere close to 50X. With a growing roster of legends, this Super Bowl will be as much about the history in Huddle as it is about the actual game.

Super Bowl Player Cards

I would fully expect Huddle to release a set of cards for both the Broncos and the Panthers. Being that playoff golds were 6x, I wouldnt be shocked if they were 7x or 8x a piece. Being that most of the impact position players will have game boosts at 10x if trends continue, these will be cards that people want as much for the collection value as they do for the boost level. For the first time in a long time, every game boost sold out yesterday, so these could be a hot ticket as well.

Here are Last Year’s:


Pro Bowl Cards

Due to licensing limitations last year, Huddle wasnt allowed to use the term “Pro Bowl” in their sets. The die cuts were still pretty awesome looking, and I would guess they will do a full set commemorating the Pro Bowl being played next week.

Award Winners

Similar to the Pro Bowl cards, I would guess that every award winner will get a card, similar to what we see in Bunt. Although the award winners may not be released for some time after the NFL Honors broadcast, they will be coming. I wouldnt be surprised if other award type situations also get commemorated, especially now that Huddle has access to all the licensed names that are associated. Similarly, the Super Bowl MVP should get some sort of card too, be on the lookout.

Here is what they looked like last year:


League Leaders

As we saw last night, the league leaders were released in a blockbuster set called “Phenomenal Five.” These low count inserts commemorated the top players in every statistical category that people follow, and was pretty much sold out by the time the morning rolled around.

Super Bowl History

Being that this is Super Bowl 50, I would expect the game to mirror the celebration of the big anniversary by the NFL. So far, Huddle has released a TON of Super Bowl Moment cards, and I would expect that to continue. I would also guess that more legend content is on the way, with a focus on top performances and memories from past super bowls. It would be really cool to see sigs and other awesome stuff centered around both active Super Bowl winners and legends.

Super Bowl Champions

Whichever team walks out of the game with the Lombardi trophy will obviously get the Champion’s treatment. Being that they can finally use photos from the game and / or celebration, expect this to be as cool as it has ever been. Last year’s set was one of the better looking sets all year:


Chase Content

It wouldnt be a Topps event without some sick chase content. Although a stand alone Super Bowl sig set might not be in the cards, cards with signatures will be involved if I had to bet. I would love to see some Super Bowl 1/1s, either legend based or current participants, as those cards would set off a feeding frenzy.

Live Content

During the MLB All Star game, we saw that live content was a huge part of the success of the night. Although the NFL might be tougher to play ball with, it would be really cool to see live content developed around the Super Bowl. Things like big TDs or huge plays would be amazing.

Bottom line, expect that Huddle is going to go crazy these next two weeks. So crazy that it is going to make last year look like it was celebrating some DIII college championship. This is the show, and they are going to take it to the next level. The game itself is fun on its own, but this is going to make it that much better.

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