First Look: Topps Bunt Titans Redemption Code Card

Last year, during the release of 2015 Topps Series 2, Bunt introduced the first physical cards that could be redeemed for cards in game. They were 5x boosts, and for the people that played in the contests, that was very valuable.

This year, the code cards are back, and the first one listed on eBay is none other than Kris Bryant.

Here is the auction:

2016 Topps Series 1 Kris Bryant Titans Code Card /25

Yes, that price is correct, and shouldnt end much lower than that.

The set is called Titans, and much like last year, they are limited to a tiny run of 25 copies. Considering that there is no way all of them will be pulled or redeemed the count should end up significantly lower than that in game. The redemption cards last year have a run that seems to be capped at around 5.

The set was recently loaded into the app, and all of the cards have a 3x boost. Because they arent listed as 1x, Im curious if that means we will have our first playable cards of 2016 available.


Im a big fan of the simplicity of the set, and the checklist features the best players in the game. Correa, Trout, and company should be the most valuable, although scoring changes might lead to other players getting the best price.

If you want to pull one of these cards, head to your local shop and start ripping packs. Good luck, as they are VERY difficult to pull for good reason. I have already set up a search, as physical collectors dont always know about the value of the redemptions themselves.

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2 Responses to First Look: Topps Bunt Titans Redemption Code Card

  1. sean martin says:

    I purchased a pack of 2016 topps cards for my son this afternoon. It was honestly his first pack of baseball cards and he pulled out a mike trout titans bunt card (I can send a pic ). I don’t know much about collecting cards nowadays, especially the digital stuff. Can you let me know about what we stumbled across? How rare? Is their a market for it? Would it lose value once next year’s cards came out? Any info would be awesome!

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