Huddle Super Bowl: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of the Year

I cant believe the NFL season is over tomorrow. It just doesnt seem fair that football season just seems to fly by without any warning. This season has been an absolute blast in Huddle, and its only fitting that some of the coolest cards of the year are hitting the app this week. Here is a breakdown of the different sets.

Super Bowl Chrome (Red and Gold Variants)


I absolutely love the look of this set. Not only do the cards look very interesting in the way the players are framed, but the name plates and borders feature some pretty cool effects. These are so different than the base playoff set that it makes them that much more special. Although I wish they had done Blue Variants for the Broncos and Teal Variants for the Panthers instead of red, the cards still look awesome.

If you are going to get anywhere close to the top 25 tomorrow, you are going to need to chase down as many of the variant cards as you can. The red set will get you an awesome Steve Young sig, but Greg Olsen, Demaryius Thomas, Jonathan Stewart, and Emmanuel Sanders will get you the points. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton will be the highest VALUE collection cards in the set, but they are not going to come even close to getting you the same amount of points in the Premium contest as the receivers and running backs will.

Super Bowl Boxes Contest


This is actually a really fun idea that I havent seen anywhere in any of the apps. Each of the Gold Variants score at 9x, and they also represent a box. If you get Peyton Manning, your Broncos box is 8. If you get Cam Newton, your Panthers box is 1. That means if the score ends in 8 or 1 for those respective teams at the end of the quarter, you get a prize. The prizes arent bad either! Packs of red variants, which are extremely tough pulls, coins or even a sig of the winning team if you hit the right boxes by the end of the game.

This is a Super Bowl tradition for many groups of friends and Super Bowl parties, and I think its really cool to use it in Huddle. The cards are 10 bucks a piece and are not able to be traded, so you will have to buy in to get access to the contest.

Super Bowl Celebrations


There are a number of cards released already that celebrate the championships, but nothing like this. These cards all feature photos from the on field celebrations, which are definitely memorable parts of the winning team’s experience. The cards are easy pulls, and the set is pretty easy to put together. It has legends and active players, and its nice when the cards arent too tough to get a hold of.

Super Bowl Go Boosts – TBD

Right now, the go boosts are still yet to be released, but they are definitely coming. Last year’s big game go boosts still trade very well, mainly because of how difficult they were to get. If the current trends continue, the Go Boosts should end up being the most powerful cards of the year.

They should be a minimum of 10x based on progressions of the previous playoff rounds, and though there will likely not be 40x cards like last year, its not a bad thing. Im still hoping that they will feature a new design, but I would guess they will use the same design as last week.

Super Bowl Game Content – TBD


Last year, Huddle released new cards during the game, and they ended up being some pretty amazing looking programs. They had Ginter parallax sigs, Lightning boosts, dragon boosts, and Future Stars parallax sigs. These cards were crazy popular, and like the rest of the “Big Game” releases, still trade very well.

Im not sure specifically what they have up their sleeve, but I would love to see what they have planned. Hopefully Sunday becomes as big of an event as it has been in previous years, as I think there will be some very nice traffic above the normal crowd.

I hope you guys are ready, as its clear that people are gearing up like nobody has ever geared up. Remember, there are physical prizes on the line, so if you are getting ready, this is the time to dive in.

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