How Have Gold Variants Changed the Base Economy?

We have all had our moments of curiosity surrounding how the team would approach hoarding in the app. Last year, we saw both Pink cards offered for golds, and the monuments for whites. This year, we have no promises of anything major, but we do have our first systemic recognition that SOMETHING is coming. The question now becomes, what do the Gold cards mean in the grand scheme of things?

Series 3 gold


With Series 1 and 2, hoarding became a large part of what SWCT’s community found the most interesting part of the game. There were two major hoard targets as both had some very valuable rewards for completing a large hoard. The first are the monuments, which could be had by shredding 5500 whites to claim the prize. You would get your name on the back of the card, which is something I find extremely cool. The second target focused on hoarding Golds, which by the end of the chase, required 70 to shred for 1 of 10 pink parallels.

Card trader monument

Gold Cards Create a Feeding Frenzy

The first of the Gold cards was released last week, and required 100 white base cards to be shredded. Because the white base for most characters are already in the hundreds of thousands, it wasnt hard to find trading partners who were more than willing to part with their unneeded base in exchange for the people they hoard.

Luckily for me, I had at least 4 copies of all the Gold releases so far, and happily traded 6:1 on each copy I had. It literally collapsed the trade economy on every one of those characters, as the people who were actually hoarding them had an advantage, but also 1000 new competitors to fight against.


Before the golds started hitting, it was rare to see someone hoarding more than two characters. After the gold, I found quite few individuals who were now hoarding up to 6 characters. I mean, its their choice, and they can choose to spread themselves thin knowing that the golds are inevitable for popular characters.

At the same time, I would also have to guess that a few things are going to happen:

  • As white base card count increases, so will the number of whites required to get the gold.
  • As we progress through Series 3, there are parallels that will require a LARGE amount of white base or other parallels similar to the monuments last time.
  • Its still going to be tough to hit the thresholds required for any monument style chases, and it will likely require the user to make a choice on a smaller group of characters.

To believe that the gold releases will keep coming is another question, as they may not have a long enough period of time to get all the characters through the mill. Hoarding an ancillary character to get the gold when it comes can be rewarding if you are part of a small group of people who made the same choice, but it can also be risky. Characters like Slave Leia will be featured, because  4756 people have chosen to hoard her. Bobbajo? Maybe not.

As a result of the golds, its crazy how many trades I have seen declined where they would have been accepted. Instead of people going 1:1 their hoard for yours, now its more of, “well im not sure I want to trade at all. You hit one of my 14 mini hoards.”

That isnt a bad thing overall, as adding value to the economy is always a great thing to see. Even more so when the value is added to cards that are the easiest to get in the game. I have to believe that at some point, people will start to loosen up and the counts will increase enough that you can still hoard characters who havent been featured yet. I just hope my character is done earlier on, so I can get back to trading 1:1.

Again, the question of which characters will get a gold, and which characters (if any) will not get a gold.?

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