Huddle Offseason: What Could Be Coming Next?

Today is day 2 of 212 until football comes back. That is a VERY VERY long time. Lucky for us, Huddle will likely continue to produce content through the offseason, including a bunch of stuff over the next few weeks. If you are a Panthers fan, the next phase of the Huddle season is probably not going to be very fun for you. For everyone else, especially those like me still grasping to some semblance of football that is still floating in the air, there is a lot to come.

Super Bowl Champion Set

Denver Broncos fans rejoice! If Huddle is anything like previous years, or anything like Bunt, there will be a celebratory set that should be released shortly. Unlike previous years of Huddle, where content creation was limited because of the required use of head shots, we might get game and celebration photos in this set. I could see this being a guaranteed per pack setup, with a rarer variant that is also available.

Von Miller Super Bowl MVP

Last year, we saw Brady get his due as SB MVP with a signature card that was in packs. It would be awesome to see that again for Von Miller. He played an EPIC game, and deserves to be given a card for us to chase. Its rare that a defensive player can deliver back to back performances like he did, and I would love to get the card.

Super Bowl Parade Set

Again, going off of Bunt, this is a distinct possibility. The parade should be happening in the next day or two, and it would be cool to get content that features the event. Although the NFL might not be as open to the content as MLB was, it would be cool.

NFL Honors Award Winners

I have a feeling this set should be coming as well, as the main awards were announced the night before the Super Bowl. Cam Newton won MVP, Todd Gurley won OROY, and Marcus Peters won DROY. I could see a small set with all the main awards, and Cam MVP card as the set reward for collecting everyone. Last year, Huddle put these cards in the base pack, and they were IMPOSSIBLE pulls. The Aaron Rodgers MVP card ended up with only 10 copies. Would be cool to see that type of chase again.

Brett Favre HOF Card

As far as I know, Favre is the only 2016 inductee that Huddle has released cards for. I could see Stabler, Pace, Harrison, and Greene eventually entering the fray, but Favre is clearly the biggest name on the list. It would be cool to see him honored like Bunt did with their HOF. They may not be able to use the HOF logo, but Im sure there is a way to make it work.

2016 NFL Moments

The Packers’ hail mary, Kam Chancellor’s forced fumble to seal the win against Detroit, Cam Newton doing a somersault as he lands in the endzone, Peterson’s 49 yard TD on 4th and 1 versus the Broncos, Martavis Bryant in the endzone in the playoffs, Janis saves the Packers again on the Hail Mary, followed by Larry Fitzmagic! All worth chasing down some pictures and using them for a set. im sure Odell Beckham has a million different catches that can have a card.

2016 Best of Huddle

Through every week, we have gotten a best of Huddle set that is awarded to the best points players each week. For the final release, I would love to get a set that has the Best of Huddle at every main position. Celebrate the best point scorers at QB, RB, WR, TE, DL, LB, DB and so on. This would be a great way to get everything wrapped up and tie it all together.

Again, this season was awesome. I had more fun than I could have even put into words at the beginning of the chase. Huddle’s new look and new capabilities paid off and then some for people like me, and I am pumped up to see what happens as we enter the next phase.

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