Bunt Boxes – Best Premium Format?

In all the games, there are a lot of packout formats that work on a premium level. Premium being setups that are designed for those that want to spend the cash to get some of the best cards in the game. The Bunt monthly box is something that has turned into an event, and with the recent release of High Tek, I think its safe to say that it is my favorite premium format available. I have posted about how much I like this format in the past, but its time to revisit.


Format Love

I think the main reason I like it so much is that it is built around something that is so familiar to physical collectors. Aside from the cool cards that are available in the box, the sets are getting larger and larger each month. This means there are huge amounts of cards to chase, and in most cases most are very desirable pieces.

Add in the boxloaders, plus all the packs, and the entertainment value of ripping a ton of packs is there too. With such a limited nature for all the big hits, the cards become some of the more valuable in the game, down to the 1/1s that have been offered in previous boxes. Although some of the cards are better than others, many of them are worth trying at least one box just to see if you can hit a whale.

Impact on Other Apps

Huddle’s Legend Box, released every Monday, is a similar type of approach, but with significantly less availability and much less content. Although the main hits in the Huddle version are ALSO some of the best cards in the game, I wish there was more capacity to get a larger set in the game. We saw a lot of new content with Valor and Inception, both of which would have been awesome in a similar format to Bunt’s. At the same time, its clear that the Bunt team puts a lot of effort into building the boxes at a 400+ card clip per release, and Im curious to see how it transfers in through the season.

Right now, the offseason is a slower time, and with no contests in play, and fewer daily releases, the work that has to be done for a big release is probably within capacity. As the season starts, all of that changes, and somehow the team will need to manage how the boxes are going to fit in with the massive amount of work on the other stuff that is coming.

With physical sets available in every one of the four apps, I have posted before on how much I would like to see the method hit some of the other games. Huddle has done quite a few amazing physical sets, as has Star Wars, and the box format could have made them that much better.

Which sets would work best for future boxes?

With the season getting going in the next month, here are some of the sets I feel would work best in Box format.These sets have a way to bring a lot of fun to the game, and also some major value.

Topps Dynasty – There is no higher end format in physical cards, and Dynasty is a product I would love to see in Bunt. Although base cards dont exist in the set, that doesnt mean they cant be built. The box loaders should be the insane auto patch cards that make Dynasty the best of the best.

Topps Heritage – Every year, the physical side creates a set that is based on a design from the iconic history of the brand. The “real one” set would work perfectly for boxloaders, and would encompass legends and current players.

Topps Supreme – Another high end set from physical would be awesome, and it would be really cool to see if they could figure out a way to get the booklet cards into the game some how. There are so many cards that could be used in the set, most of which would be pretty cool for some of the best auto relics around.

Topps Tier One – This set is a great combo of rookie type players and high end veteran content. I would love to see the silver signatures and gold signatures in the game. Would be awesome to see the retro rookie autos as the boxloaders, or even more auto relics.

Overall, this type of thing has huge legs, and I can see this being one of the main attractions for the 2016 season if done right. Being that there are thousands of Topps sets that can be pulled from, there is a never ending supply of boxes to build.

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