Is Hoarding Season Upon Us?

As mentioned many times over the last few months, SWCT has become as much about hoarding as it has about every other part of the app. As we have seen with recent programs like the gold variants, its clear that they are finally starting to take notice of the need to support (and monetize) that element of the game.

At the same time, hoarding hasnt exactly been easy, as many people started to ration off their base knowing that they could greatly benefit from having at least 100 of the top characters.

Now that some weeks have passed, more base are in circulation, and people have had time to stock up on their collections for the different golds, is this the time where true hoarding can take off and get some legs? I believe so.

When Series 3 first launched, it was slow going just to get to 100, but with some mild effort that can be done in an hour as of today. If you have the right cards to trade, or even a slew of whites you have stocked up on, the 9 for 9 trades are starting to come much more frequently.

I think the strategy of hoarding is as much of the fun as the actual accumulation, and that’s where many people seem to get frustrated. They expect to put in little effort and get very big return, and that will never happen.

As long as you are willing to put in the work, you can get to where you need to be with far less time than was needed during the first month or two of Series 3. Although we still havent gotten to the point where Series 1 and 2 were sitting before they sold out, we are getting closer by the week.

There are still some very important questions that remain:

  • Will there be monuments?
  • If there are monuments, how many base will be needed?
  • If there are monuments, does that mean there wont be other hoard targets along the way?
  • Will there be other ways to support hoarding in the app?
  • If there arent monuments, what is going to be the end goal?
  • Will there be pinks or something similar?
  • How many cards will be necessary to shred for a pink?
  • When will we learn more about the plans?

I would love to find out more, because being in the dark isnt fun. Not only is it not fun, but I would guess that they could generate more revenue from X-Wing type packs if people had information about what they need to shoot for.

As a whole, I would love to see more systemic support for hoarding, if not only more stuff with Smuggler’s den. We had so much stuff for the first go around, and though Topps might be slow playing their hand, its getting to be awfully curious. Hopefully we will learn more shortly.

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2 Responses to Is Hoarding Season Upon Us?

  1. Are you compiling a checklist, like the one for Huddle, for variants, monuments, etc?

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