NFL Gold Legends: The Most Exclusive Huddle Set Ever?

There have been some tough sets in Huddle over the years. There have been some tough sets THIS YEAR. However, Im pretty confident in saying that nothing has ever come within an eyelash of the cost and dedication of the gold legends set.


Now that we see the set has concluded, Im going through my memory to think about whether or not this set might be the most exclusive set in the history of the app? Im thinking the answer is yes.


Tough sets have always been a staple of the digital format, going back to 2013 Bunt. Even in 2013 Huddle, the sig set and season highlights set were insanely tough. Others like Brotherhood and last year’s Huddle award winners all had counts below 10. The difference is the pack format. These sets were all in the base packs for 5k coins a piece or in insert packs that cost maybe 10k at the most.

Starting with Jerry Rice 23 weeks ago, Legends were in packs that cost more than anything has ever costed in ANY of the apps. Although the Deion sig packs topped out at 1M coins a piece, the Legend packs were far ahead of that. The other apps actually followed suit, with Bunt boxes costing 750k a piece, and SWCT Nightbrothers Black reservation packs in the tens of millions a pop.


Unlike the legend boxes, the other things mentioned above were one shots, and not a long grueling set. Remember, for the first few weeks, the 900k packs didnt even deliver a guaranteed win. There were cheap cards mixed in, forcing some of the people to buy multiple packs just to get trade bait if they didnt end up with what they were looking for.

Even over the last few months, the Ginter cards turned out to be cool, but no where near the value needed to swap for a Legend, which means that multiple packs might have been needed. Considering the packs still cost 900k, that’s $100 worth of coins each time the pack is opened.

To think there are at least three people I can think of with close to a complete set, if not all the way there, Im definitely impressed. This is going to be one of those things that only the top spenders were targeted, and luckily for them, the award should be under five.

Award Speculation

Since the beginning, the award card has been under wraps, and I am VERY intrigued by what it could be. Hopefully, its something insane, either a relic sig, or a sig of one of the main guys they have launched since the app became fully licensed.

We know that the gold set hasnt included guys like Emmitt, Barry, or Favre – which were added later on as the season progressed. We can speculate that the 24th card was probably someone they knew would be available back at the beginning. With Rice, Staubach, LT, and others already used, im curious who it could be.

Regardless of the player, I hope the Huddle team makes this award something worth the insane amount of effort the Legend chasers put into their set. Im guessing they not only invested time, but probably thousands of dollars, which means they deserve an awesome payoff. If this flops, I could see more than just the qualified users getting upset, as its been clear that this has been a very visible chase. Many of the users have been following along, including myself, and I would hate to see the biggest chase in Huddle history fall flat.

Legends Series 2?

Now that we know there are at least another 25 guys that can be used, Im also wondering if they are going to keep going with a legends chase every monday. With HUGE names added over the last few months, I would love to see a new chase begin. Although Im not sure there will be the same 3 people chasing the set, there will be a lot of team collectors who would love a Barry Sanders Gold Legend for their collection.

Dual Sigs and Triple Sigs

If there is one thing I miss about the chase, its the multi-sig cards that havent come back since around week 7 or 8. The rare ones remain the most valuable cards in the game, even more so than the gold legends, and that says something. Rain sigs are cool, but these are so much better to me.


Although we did get a Manning/Newton dual sig for the Super Bowl, I would love to see Legend Box exclusive duals and triples return, as long as they are ONLY available in the boxes like the recent Rain cards.

Maintaining exclusivity is one of the most important aspects of selling 900k packs, and putting cards in packs outside of the legend boxes cheapens the appeal. Huddle secondary market value has been low for most of the cards released during 2016, but the value remains insanely high for cards that have a limited availability of this manner.

My suggestion is this:

  • Bring back the gold legend series in the same pack format
  • One legend variant per pack
  • Chance of 1 of 3 cards
  • Gold Legend (exclusively available in legend box)
  • Dual or Triple Sig Variant (exclusively available in legend box)
  • Dual or Triple Sig Base (Available in regular store in high cost packs)

This way, 2 out of 3 times, the user will walk away with a value closer to the 100 bucks they spend on the pack, and there is still an element of chance when pulling the third dud card.

In closing, congratulations to the small group of people who completed the chase, you guys definitely deserve an ovation for your commitment. I hope you get something awesome for the effort.



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