How Important is Cross Trading For Your Collection

Based on my understanding, the amount of people who play more than one of the apps is pretty high. Although I doubt that people will focus on all four apps the way they focus on their main app, I would be shocked if people dont dabble in the occasional pack ripping spree outside their comfort zone.

Because of the lack of support for trading across the app platforms, the pack ripping spree might be where it ends for these individuals. The question is, with the way most users have access to the inserts in each of the games, can this practice be more profitable than most people realize?

Before we go any further, the answer is yes. Cross trading is a great way to pick up some extra trade bait or even some centerpieces. If you dont cross trade, you are missing out, and that is putting it lightly. Because of the massive difference in value, many of the users can walk away with some very nice stuff while giving up very little that they care about.

NOTE: Cross trading is risky. Someone eventually has to be trusted with completing the trade, and that can lead to scams. Be very careful of who you trade with, and make sure you dont walk into a bad situation. Keep an eye on three things: 1) Completed trade ratings, 2) collection score, 3) do they have a lot to lose if they get banned for scamming? Basically, dont accept your side first with some account that has no standing – especially if you DO have better standing. If you both have a lot to lose by being banned for scams, its usually good to go.

Here is a guide for new cross traders to avoid most issues. Its a bit of a read, but will help to educate people on avoiding scams.

Lets use an example to showcase the benefit of this risk.

My main focus is Huddle, even though I play SWCT and Bunt religiously as well. Being that I dont play Kick all that much, I can open packs strategically and get some top trade bait for the apps I do play. Obviously, my collection score in Kick is like 50, so its not like I am going to give up some prized piece that I care about. I have pulled a few of the On Form cards, which in Kick are some of the most available inserts that still carry a ton of value. I have used cross trading to pick up sigs and other things in Huddle, all while giving up something I dont really need for something I very much need.

Now, that doesnt mean some luck isnt involved, and you cant expect just to pick up and walk off with the best of the best. Every once in a while, if you spend your coins right, you will find that a good cross trade very simple to execute.

What are the best cards in each of the apps to target for cross trades while in season?

On Form (Kick) – Although some rare boosts and other cards are available, the odds are not usually enough in your favor to dive in. With daily bonuses, you can pull the on form each week (especially BPL) and trade it for a nice insert in the app you focus on.

Sigs (Bunt) – Regardless of the 1:300 pack odds on some of the cards, Bunt is all about the signature.  Not only can you trade them for some of the top cards in the app, but other apps will be hard pressed to find a card worth about the same week to week. This means that if you are lucky enough to pull the sig, you will have your relative pick of the litter in your main app.

Sigs / Variant Sigs (Huddle) – For 2015, Huddle’s main sig counts were way too high to maintain a real value, but the variants were definitely worth their weight. Unlike Bunt, where the variants were behind a pay wall or just impossible to pull, the variants in Huddle were different. Pulling one will definitely get you some nice value in your main app.

Active Insert Set Variants (SWCT) – Even though the app used to be about the marathons, the addition of bundle buys has really capped the value. This means that pulling the variants of inserts that are currently active will net you much more than any Vintage or Widevision. Some of the variants are behind a pay wall, so read the articles carefully. However, if you can find a pack that has low variants available to everyone – pounce.

Again, Cross trading is just another tool in your bag to help grow your collection significantly. What makes it so attractive is that the cards being traded dont always have the same connection to the user. That doesnt mean cross trading between apps you equally care about isnt beneficial as well, it just means that you have more to give up in your mind. I find that a lack of connection helps to focus on true value versus how much you care about that specific card.

Because the apps are all about growing your collection for any of the purposes people play, any extra tool is a good one. Try to start small if you have fear, and work your way up. There are many friends to be made through this, and who knows! You might find a partner that a relationship can be mutually beneficial.

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