A Quick Breakdown of SWCT Revisited

Now that the big reveal has passed, and the set is sold out, I wanted to take some time and break down the set and my thoughts on the choices that were made for SWCT Revisited. This is the first time I have seen any of the apps celebrate an anniversary in game, and I really liked the idea. With Bunt’s 5th anniversary coming up next year, I would love to see them go all out in a similar fashion.

Shred Revisited

SWCT revisited

Characters Chosen: Rey/Finn, Millennium Falcon

Like most of the people in the app, I absolutely loved Shred. I thought the design was cool, the cards were cool, and the setup was pretty nice as well. This version of Shred didnt disappoint, with the Millennium Falcon and the bombing raid on Jakku. Being that the Falcon was the original set’s reward card, I liked the homage in that respect.

Verdict: Empire Strikes Back

Prism Revisited


Characters Chosen: Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren

Another original set built specifically for SWCT, and like the others it was a doozy. The cards sold out super fast the first time around, and many remain very, very valuable on the lower parallels. This set was really cool, even though I still dont get the continued fascination with Phasma. She looks cool, but lets be honest here, she really wasnt as big a deal in the movie as the marketing made it seem. The cards still look really cool and I was reminded why the set was so awesome in the first place.

Verdict: A New Hope

Shadowbox Revisited


Characters Chosen: Quiggold and Captain Ithano

I didnt like this set the first time around, mainly because the set up was so expansive. It had like 18 variants, all with different packout mechanisms, and I would have much rather seen a Connections Revisited instead of this. Even though the character choices were interesting, the set was not one I would have used at all. The design is boring and the set remains a forgotten part of the first year, mainly included as trade add ons when making deals.

Verdict: The Phantom Menace

Bounty Revisited


Characters Chosen: Finn, Poe Dameron

Im really surprised that this was the only original marathon represented, although its possible that one could be chosen for the award card (one can hope!). The characters they used for the set were perfect, and the cards remained true to the original point of the set. I thought this was one of the better choices of the entire program.

Verdict: A New Hope

Elegant Weapons Revisited


Characters Chosen: Kylo Ren

I still find it cool that even after all this time, Elegant Weapons still maintains a bit of an aura surrounding it. The program continues to be one of the more premium sets, and I think that including Kylo’s Lightsaber is a way to get a nice pop from the crowd. Although the nature of his blade doesnt really fit as “Elegant,” its the right choice, especially considering it might be the only saber not included to this point. I originally questioned why not add Rey’s, but then I remembered it was Annakin’s, which was already done.

Verdict: Empire Strikes Back

Women of Star Wars Revisited


Character’s Chosen: Leia, Rey

Was this a shock to anyone? I was not surprised to see this program included in the release, and even less surprised to see the characters. I would have liked to add in Maz, but maybe that isnt “correct” as an alien race. The Rey cards were the most popular of the entire set, and this program was easily one of the more sought after releases during the first year.

Verdict: A New Hope

Mint Press Revisited


Characters Chosen: Snowtrooper, Grummgar

Another infamous release during the first year, and one I still dont really get. Are these supposed to be coins? I dont know. Although the set looked quite interesting the first time around, Im not sure I like the character choices. BB-8 did not get a single card in the set, and that should have been a given. Snowtrooper isnt even the most interesting of the troopers from the movie, and that should be different as well. Overall, just a “meh” version of this set.

Verdict: Attack of the Clones

Dark Side Revisited


Characters Chosen: Kylo Ren

Let me start by saying I wish they had also done a light side with Luke as an old man. Obviously, that might have been too spoilerish, but we need to get past spoilers eventually. Might not have been their choice on the team, but it should have happened. Similarly, as a big fan of this set, I would have liked a different Kylo picture, maybe one that wasnt so zoomed in. Would have been great to get that scene of his blade against Rey’s neck.  That would have been dynamic.

Verdict: Return of the Jedi

Missed Opportunities:

Connections: Rey and Finn or even FA Han and FA Chewy. Something could have been done there in an awesome way.

Widevision: Kylo and Han on the bridge. This would have been incredible, but again, might have been too spoilerish.

Vintage: Rey in the Millennium Falcon. Full circle, even though another Rey card.

Schematics: BB-8 as a joke or the Starkiller Base as a really cool update to the death star.

Original Art: Chewbacca would have been cool, although I know it would have been time sensitive with Matt having to actually complete the sketch.

1977 Sticker award cards: BB-8 would have been perfect to recreate the awesome awards

1977 Card 45: Redo it with Rey and Kylo, just because that would be too perfect.

Overall this entire thing was awesome, well executed and fun to collect. As mentioned prior, I hope this wont be the only time we get to celebrate a milestone with something like this set.

NOTE: Ranking order – ESB, ANH, ROTJ, ROTS, AOTC, PM

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3 Responses to A Quick Breakdown of SWCT Revisited

  1. John J. Wall says:

    I’m betting on Connections as the award.

  2. kapgar says:

    I agree with almost everything you say to the letter. However, I just wish they had chosen a different image of General Organa for the WoSW card. Why use the base card image? They found a very dynamic and heretofore unused (I think) shot of Rey.

    Also, they couldn’t do a true Vintage, could they? Those are based on the physical cards from 1977-1983, hence why there are no prequel Vintage cards. Maybe I’m wrong here.

  3. ribors says:

    First, I agree completely with your ranking of the films (from ESB down to TPM) and generally agree with your rankings of the designs/cards of the Revisited series.

    The one omission that I think would make for a great award card is a Galactic Moments card commemorating the release of The Force Awakens, though I may be biased as GM is still my all time favorite set in the app.

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