2016 Bunt Launch: Most Important Sets to Chase

With the new launch coming soon, the team has already mentioned that they are going to pay extra attention to making the inserts look awesome. If they follow through as they have in the past, I doubt they are going to disappoint. With that being the case, here are the most important sets to look out for.

2016 Signature Series


Cost to Acquire: HIGH
Collectability: HIGH
Must Have: YES

For the last two years, maybe even three, there has been no more important set than the sigs. Bunt’s economy is driven primarily by these cards, and even previous year’s versions have clout. Its just crazy how much more people want these cards each year, and they have become a status symbol within the game. I would guess this year’s set will be pretty cool looking, as it always is, and you should expect that this will be the first insert of the game worth chasing down immediately. Unlike other inserts, its definitely possible that the first sig will be more valuable than any other in the game, so dont trade until you get a read.

2016 Limited Series


Cost to Acquire: EXTREME
Colllectability: EXTREME
Must Have: NO

I was shocked by how expensive some of these cards can get. Many of the sub 50 limited cards are almost impossible to trade for, and it should come as no surprise that Limited is one of the more popular sets among high end collectors. Although Sigs run the economy, they are far from the most valuable insert available. Limited can approach that level, especially for guys who have low number jerseys. Although we dont have confirmation that these will be back, im sure they will be. Its also worth saying that these are not must have because of the sheer cost. Only a few people can own these, and they are the Rolls Royce of marathons.

2016 Relic Series

Bunt Relic

Cost to Acquire: VERY GOOD
Collectability: VERY GOOD
Must Have: YES

These were a surprise mid way through last year, and they turned out to be pretty popular. Although they dont carry the same following as the sigs do, relics are definitely worth picking up if you have coins to burn. Im interested to see what this year’s design looks like, as I felt last year’s wasnt all that interesting – if not only because most of the relics werent that interesting. Hopefully they look pretty cool and set up the series for a long term run as a top marathon.

2016 Editor’s Choice

Bunt Editors Choice

Cost to Acquire: GOOD
Collectability: GOOD
Must Have: NO

I loved last year’s design with the way the player popped off the white background, and Im sure this year’s card will be just as cool. The issue is that for Editor’s Choice, the checklist can get pretty out there, depending on how ToppsMike and ToppsHanford are feeling that week. Although there are some really fun names, people either love these cards or dont really care for them. I am definitely going to chase this set depending on the set up. These might be switched to Topps’ Choice, but you never know. No confirmation yet.

I literally cannot wait for the new build, as it is clear that they are ramping up for something big. When you see that there is a launch coming, the fans start to get going, and that’s when things get fun.

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