Some Thoughts on the First Scoring Bunt Cards of 2016

Over the last few days, Bunt has released series of Spring Fever cards that will score in 2016. Outside of the prospects, which commemorate players that might not start in with the MLB team on opening day, these cards are the first that will score for major players.

Bunt Spring Fever 2016 Wacha

Based on Series 1’s composition on the physical side, we are hopefully going to get a large batch of players when the new update launches tomorrow or Thursday. The question is, are these new Spring Fever cards valuable enough to chase?

Chasing the Cards

Right now, the batches are selling out at around 180 or below for the different divisions. So far, the players chosen are the better players on the teams, so it brings up two specific parts of the value. At below 200, the cards of valuable players should be worth picking up just for the low count. Im not sure if I would waste coins, but I would look at the cheaper bundles where you can get 3 for $9.99. Additionally, with contest decks likely taking on more of a Bunt postseason approach, it cant hurt to have some extra cards on hand while you stock up for the first few weeks.

To be completely clear, 1x cards are not going to be valuable for very long, unless they are low count and highly sought after inserts. These probably arent going to fall into those categories unless there is a team collector out there looking to chase down holes in their collection. At the same time, the 25k reward for putting together the division isnt bad if you have a shot at acquiring the cards cheaply through trades.

Some of the players wont have Series 1 base cards, and you can see which are going to be left out by looking at the physical checklist for the set on Those are the players that should be at the top of your list, because its likely they wont have cards until Series 2 or 3 hit. That might not be for months.

Saving for Launch

If the 2016 launch does happen tomorrow or Thursday – which is a big IF – then spending coins now at this point is a bad idea. You will want to save as much as you can for the launch, even if you are someone that will be spending regardless.

The best part about knowing the launch date ahead of time is that planning involves a lot fewer question marks. Sure, there is less time to save, but in the end, that makes little difference. It should also make the launch more of an EVENT, which means there could be a lot more stuff in play earlier on.

One disadvantage for the Spring Fever cards is that with more time to acquire 2016 cards, the benefit of having good players at 1x becomes greatly reduced. Before, with less than a day to get cards for your lineup, these type of things could be much better. Now, with weeks to set your sheet, there are a lot less reasons to acquire these cards for their point scoring potential.

They now become 2016 cards acquired more for collecting purposes, and history isnt on the side of sets like this.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Topps Bunt launch, including more tips and tricks that will help you get going for the upcoming season. If you have any questions – shoot me a tweet @SCUncensored on twitter.



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