Topps Star Wars Force Awakens Series 2 Redemption Cards Take Center Stage

If you remember back to 2015 Topps Series 2 Baseball, Bunt created a redemption program where you could pull a physical card from a pack, and redeem it for a rare and powerful boost in the game. It was continued in Series 1 for 2016, and was also tried in Kick as well. It was only a matter of time before it hit Star Wars, and with the release of Topps Star Wars Force Awakens Series 2, its live.

Force Awakens 2 Phasma Redemption

Let me start by saying I love everything about these types of programs. They are rare, they are valuable, they get digital people interested in physical, and sometimes vice-a-versa. This program features FA modeled classic art 2 cards, and they look very similar to the popular program in the app.

Here are two that have already been listed:

Topps Force Awakens Series 2 Classic Art Kylo Ren

Topps Force Awakens Series 2 Classic Art Poe Dameron

Topps Force Awakens Series 2 Classic Art Captain Phasma

There are 9 cards all numbered to 100 physical copies that are inserted across the entire product run, including retail. These cards will not only be insanely rare, but they will also be very tough to find in the game. Ill get into the reasoning of why that is the case in a second, but either way, these are going to be cards you want to get.

Its worth noting that there is a Rey card on the checklist, and I am eagerly awaiting what this will sell for. If I had to guess, its going to be multiple hundreds of dollars.

When considering why it is so tough for these cards to make it into the app, there are a few reasons that might happen, even more so with the cards also spread over the retail packs in places like Target or Wal Mart. There might be 100 of them, but I would be shocked if more than 10 of each ever get redeemed.

First, there is an expiration date on the cards of 9/1/16. This means that any of these that get redeemed have to be redeemed within the next 6 months. Considering the movie is popular, but the wave of support isnt what it was for Series 1, less of the packs might be opened. Retail packs are popular too, but they have higher odds to pull anything, and it can take longer for the allotment to be sold.

Secondly, the person who pulls the card has to be on the app, or understand the value of the card they just pulled. You might think that everyone has a good idea of what each card is worth, but what if that person is a 10 year old at a Wal Mart in some remote part of the country? That card might not make it past the front door of their house before it gets lost.

Similar things can be said about collectors who dont want to redeem the card because they want it for set collecting purposes. They might think its pretty awesome, and not want to redeem it.

Lastly, most of this product that will be opened will be opened during the first few weeks. Likely about 25-40% of the run if planning was done correctly. On the flip side, its a good guess that another 30-40% of FA2 will not be opened before the deadline happens. This means that only a few of the cards are going to be pulled before 9/1.

Overall, what I am trying to show is that these cards are not only awesome, but extremely rare. If you pull one from packs, consider yourself among the luckiest people in the SWCT universe. I absolutely love these programs, and wish there were more, but ill take what I can get.

I cant wait to see more of what is going to be coming as we progress towards the release of Rogue One and the release of more SW physical products.

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