2016 Opening Day Launches a New Season

Bunt Opening Day - Copyopening_day_logo_320x220.png2 - Copy

With the 3 games yesterday and a full slate of games today, the grind for 2016 Bunt begins anew. I have been celebrating this day as one of my only religious holidays for a number of years now, but with Bunt its more than that. Since 2014 I have diligently made Bunt my participation in fantasy baseball each year, and this year will be the third that I really get going.

With two kids and a demanding job, its going to be tough to stay on top of every game this season, but I will definitely make up for it on the collecting side of things. With 2016 Bunt, its clear that things are changing and the app is evolving with the times, and I cant wait to see how everything shakes out.

There are already a number of new contests and structures, and that means a lot of potential for some fun as the things really get ramped up for the the year. From my discussions with ToppsMike over the last few weeks, they are definitely swinging for the fences this year – especially after a disappointing launch to contests in the regular season for 2015.

Now that we are seeing how things are structured, what the prizes look like, and how the card exchange is going to factor in, I am insanely excited for baseball to get underway. I have already found a way to get my Mauer collection off to a fast start, but my Twins as a whole are strong in number when it comes to my collection. If they can find a way to replicate a surprising 2015 campaign, ill be in good shape. If not, it will still be a fun ride.

The great thing about Bunt is that both collecting and gameplay have such a huge part of the community focus, and that should be on the forefront of the releases this week as we prepare for the Summer. The designs so far have definitely taken a big step forward, and the way the game has made the card exchange a new focus has been addicting.

I hope all of you are as ready for the season as I am, and I will do my best to stay up to date as much as possible. With Football out of the picture until the beginning of September, Bunt is my jam on repeat.

May your home runs be long, your strike outs be many, and your wins be savored. Here is to a new journey! Happy Opening Day everyone!

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