Recapping Week One of the Main 2016 Bunt Marathons

With the release of Limited yesterday, we now have a complete run of the main marathons for 2016 Bunt. Considering that there is still reason to believe that more surprises are on the way, including the reveal of the VIP relic, sig, and FC, we arent all the way done. Here are some thoughts on the ones we have seen.

Signature Series and Variant

2016 Bunt Sig2016 Buny Sig Variant

Player Choice: Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Season Set Potential:Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Value (Base):Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Value (Variant): Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png

As I mentioned during the reveal, I love the signature series design this year. The white dominated look with the grid line motif is really cool. Adding in that the variant will have a different picture is a major plus this year, and I think this will continue to be the premiere set to collect with a somewhat limited budget. Although Posey isnt as popular as Mike Trout, or even the cover athlete in Correa, he is still a former MVP and multiple time world champion for a widely collected team. I would have gone with Correa or Bryant personally, but thats just me.

Limited Series

2016 Bunt Limited

Player Choice: Baseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Season Set Potential:Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Value: Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png

I love this design, love the theme, and like previous years, love the value of these cards. The dominant numbers with the ghosted stadium in the background looks great, and I think that we are definitely going to be in for a treat with this set if player selection is strong. Being that this is a set and not just one offs, you cant start the season with someone in the single digits. That being said, going with a big name like Felix at 34, Miguel Cabrera at 24 or someone like that will set a tone. Personally I dont think Betts is a big enough name to get a card in this series, let alone the first one. Lots of players in that range if you want to keep the count higher.

Relic and Relic Variant Series

2016 Bunt Relic2016 Relic Sig Variant

Player Choice: Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Season Set Potential:Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Value (Base):Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Value (Variant): Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png

I thought the design of this set last year was kind of a dud. This year its definitely not a dud, and I like that the relic is a cool shape. The only issue is that there is no color to the white “swatch” and it kind of detracts from the card overall. I would like a two color “patch” for the base, and a team logo piece type patch for the variant. That would be awesome. Great choice on Stanton though, he is going to be a star this year.

Editor’s Choice Series

2016 Bunt Editors Choice

Player Choice: Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Season Set Potential:Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png
Value: Baseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.pngBaseball_(crop)_transparent.png

Although tickets are involved with this set, the 3x boost on the cards is a pretty valuable proposition if you are lucky enough to pull one. The retro white look is similar to last year, but I like it a bit better with the added filter on the photos. Choosing Correa with that jersey is so awesome, and the increased boost should make this one of the better non-limited marathons to collect.

As we get further into the marathons, ill have more coverage, especially as week two gets underway this Wednesday.

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