2016 Bunt Baseball: The First Ever Physical / Digital Crossover Product is Here


We knew that Topps’ digital brands were making enough progress in the hobby market to start to merit some extreme attention, sometimes on a national newsworthy scale. As a result of that influence, for the first time, there will be physical card product composed ENTIRELY of designs from the app. This new product, due in August, will be the first example of Topps physical and digital working together to release content that appeals to both forms of the hobby. I am so excited I cant put it into words.

Its clear that physical benefits from this much more than digital, as it will have a huge user base of Bunt users who are going to make the jump just to rip packs of this stuff. Being that the cards have app redemption implications, this is going to be quite the process to implement on the digital side. If Bunt can pull it off, and I have no reason to believe they wont knock this out of the park, I could see a huge amount of digital users finally making a jump over to the physical side on a more in depth basis.

As for the designs, we are getting a preview of some of the ones that are likely going to be in the app coming up in weeks to come, including some awesome insert sets that look quite impressive. The dynasties set that commemorates the world series winners? Man that is going to be insane.

Another great part of this is the cost of the boxes, which look to be relatively inexpensive for a physical product. I could see this retailing at around 25-30 bucks a box, for 36 packs and 7 cards per. With redemption codes and autographs in play, that is about as big a bargain as I have ever known.

This might end up being the product that everyone is eager to see, and everyone wants to get in on. I love the idea and I absolutely love the different examples we have seen included as previews.

Get ready for August everyone! This is going to be quite the fun experience!


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1 Response to 2016 Bunt Baseball: The First Ever Physical / Digital Crossover Product is Here

  1. Ron Berry says:

    very excited about these boxes. I only have 2 issues
    These release in August, the 2016 season is almost over and many of the pulls are focused on boosts for contests that will only be good for about a month if immediately redeemed.

    A low price point may entice some cardboard collectors to check out the app, but the prices on the packs, odds, and the fact that each pack only has access to 1 insert at odds higher than the price of an entire box of the physical cards – they may say “I have a small chance at pulling 1 insert for $75 in the app or I can buy 3 boxes of the physical and get 100 inserts that I can hold in my hand

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