Star Wars Day is Here – What to Expect

Ah yes, the one day of the year, where everyone puts on their Darth Vader mask and starts talking into table fans. This is a fun time for the app as well, as the “celebration” is something that they have recognized in the past. Being that its a day where the world’s consciousness of the Star Wars Universe is at an all time high, I cant wait to see what they are going to do.

May the Fourth Be With You

We have already seen that Tapjoy bonuses are increased, and large bundles are on sale. On social media, the main twitter accounts have hinted at a big set that is going to be released. Hopefully we are going to get a program of similar size to revisited, as I had a blast putting that together.

The giveaways through Twitter and Instagram will DEFINITELY be in your best interest to participate in – the first of which has already started:

This is going to be a day where the app teams may all get into the fun as well, as Bunt and Huddle may have special sets that they can release. During Force Friday last year, the lightforce sets were released to tie into the launch of Force Awakens materials, and that could be coming again here.

All in all, this day is about what we love. For me, Star Wars means a willing suspension of disbelief. Its that freedom that allows us to have fun and enjoy something that is far beyond our wildest dreams. We all want to be superheroes of some sort, and watching or playing along is a way to experience that in a really amazing way.

Happy Star Wars Day everyone! May the force be with you.

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1 Response to Star Wars Day is Here – What to Expect

  1. John Jones says:

    It seems that SW Day was not as big a day as some hoped. No big/new/neat sets (unless you count ANH Illustrated). What do you think?

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