Breaking Down My Favorite 2016 Bunt Inserts to Date

To me, when a set clicks in Bunt, there can be major fireworks in chasing the cards. We have seen it time and time again, when a cool set triggers a tidal wave of value – especially when the set is tough to get. This year, the Bunt exclusive content has been amazing, including some of the best looking inserts we have seen in the history of the app. Here is a breakdown of my favorites.



When I saw this set hit, I was floored. I think the way the cards look is out there, but it works incredibly well in a lot of different ways. The checklist was good, the pack format was good, and it all came together with a great award. Although these arent traditional baseball card ideas, that’s what make them so cool.



This set is still running, but man do I like what they did with the designs. I especially like the detail in the folds on the card, as well as the stadium image that accompanies the player. As someone who had posters like this on my wall as a kid, it brought back great memories.



Another theme that is out there a bit, but the look of the cards themselves is really, really cool. The card exchange element of the set made for some trading intrigue that I always look forward to, and that is always a plus for a set. The more trading the set encourages, the better I feel it resonates with the team.

This Week In Bunt


Headlines in 2015 was cool, but nothing like this program in 2016. I love the instant gratification of the biggest moments from the prior day, and the addition of a weekly award is quite the improvement. The design packs a lot into the front of the card, and even with so many elements, it still works really well. If my Twins werent so freaking terrible, I would have many more of these cards in my collection.

Signature Series

2016 Bunt Sig

As I talked about when the app first launched, the signature series cards this year is one of my favorite designs in the 4 years they have been a part of the app.  Using multiple images per release, plus different signatures in the case of Maeda is a fun twist that I gravitate towards. The big daddy of the app really has a lot of pop this year.

Fan’s Choice


I love retro cards, and 1984 was a really good year for Topps. Because this isnt a really original design, I have to give credit to the team for picking a year that works so well with a Bunt format. Last year’s Fan’s choice had more spring training posed shots, and the change to game photography makes me like these that much more. I hope we get more sets in a retro arena soon, as I feel a set like Archives has been missing for the year.

To think we are about a month and change into this feels like things have come a long way with these sets. Seeing a future physical product connection on the way makes this that much more fun, as we might finally see some of these cards in physical form. ToppsDan has proven to be quite the designer, and the exclusive content that hasnt been taken from Physical shows his prowess. As someone who has become more of a collector than a gamer this year, I have been really impressed overall.

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